1. How do you import a .asc file?
    Text in the import assistant will be used to import the .asc file (ASCII)
  2. How do you import a .sap file?
    SAP AIS in the import assistant will the used to import the .sap (SAPAIS) file
  3. How do you import an HTML file?
    Convert the HTML file to a PDF through MS Word and use the Report Reader
  4. How do you check for negative cash balances?
    Field Statistics
  5. Equations are saved with what file extension?
  6. What is a .jpm file?
    .jpm is an import definition template for Print or Adobe PDF files.
  7. How do you find a particular record number in IDEA?
    Go To
  8. What are the categories on the Analysis tab?
    Extract, Relate, and Explore
  9. What categories are on the DATA tab?
    Order, Fields, Search
  10. What categories are on the SmartAnalyzer tab?
    Apps, Data Preparation, Audit Tests
  11. What function can be used to identify missing or blank address fields in a vendor master file?
  12. What is duplicate key exclusion?
    It allows the user to capture matching fields across rows where one independent field is different.
  13. Which function do you use to identify payments made on Sundays or public holidays?
  14. Which operator will you apply through the equation editor to capture round sum values?
  15. How would you identify employee payments with zero deductions?
    Direct Extraction
  16. How do you capture the top 5 debit cash expenditures in each general ledger account?
    Top records extraction with Grouping on general ledger account.
  17. How do you identify blank payee names in a vendor payment file?
  18. How do you filter out cases where posted by and approved by users are similar
    Direct Extraction with criteria posted by = approved by
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