Chapter 1.1-1.3 Quiz Biology I Coach Cardona ID:A

  1. 1. The term biosphere refers to the parts of Earth that contain

    C. living things
  2. 2. Which phrase best describes Earth's biodiversity?

    C. greater in consistently warm areas
  3. 3. An individual living thing is called a(n)

    C. organism
  4. 4. The basic unit of life is

    A. the cell
  5. 5. At all levels of life, when related parts interact to form a whole they form a

    A. system
  6. 6. Which statement best explains why the shape of teeth differs according to the diet of the species?

    C. Structure and function are related in biology.
  7. 7. The maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism is known as

    D. homeostasis
  8. 8. A beneficial inherited trait that is passed on to future generations is a(n)

    C. adaptation
  9. 9. Which word best describes a scientific hypothesis?

    B. testable
  10. 10. At which stage of scientific inquiry would scientists find out if their hypotheses were supported by their data?

    C. evaluating resualts
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Chapter 1.1-1.3 Quiz Biology I Coach Cardona ID:A
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