Pretérito indefinido - Verb drills

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  1. you gave me it
    me lo diste
  2. I gave it to you
    te lo di
  3. he gave it to them
    se lo dio a ellos
  4. You gave it to us
    nos lo diste
  5. you told it to me already
    ya me lo dijiste
  6. I told it to you
    te lo dije
  7. He told me it
    me lo dijo
  8. they told us it
    nos lo dijieron
  9. I knew it
    lo supe
  10. he knew it
    lo supo
  11. did you know it?
    lo supiste?
  12. I saw it
    lo vi
  13. he saw it
    lo vio
  14. I couldn't do it
    no pude hacerlo
  15. he came
  16. I came
  17. they came
  18. we ate it all
    lo comimos todo
  19. i ate it
    lo comí
  20. he ate it
    lo comió
  21. did you eat it?
    lo comiste
  22. I had it
    lo tuve
  23. he had it
    lo tuvo
  24. i put it there
    lo puse alli
  25. he put it here
    lo puso aqui
  26. I got it for you
    te lo conseguí
  27. he got it for me
    me lo consiguió
  28. they got it for us
    nos lo consiguieron
  29. i started it
    lo empece
  30. he started it
    lo empezó
  31. I did it
    lo hice
  32. she did it
    lo hizo
  33. they did it
    lo hicieron
  34. I wanted it
    lo quise
  35. he wanted it
    lo quiso
  36. did you want it?
    lo quisiste?
  37. i asked for it
    lo pedí
  38. he asked for it
    lo pidió
  39. I slept
  40. she slept
  41. i paid for it
    yo lo pagé
  42. he paid for it
    lo pagó
  43. he paid me for it
    me lo pagó
  44. they left (went)
    se fueron
  45. i left (went)
    me fui
  46. We have to go
    Tenemos que irnos
  47. he left (went)
    se fue
  48. We moved
    nos mudamos
  49. she moved
    se mudó
  50. I moved
    me Mudé
  51. They moved
    se mudaron
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