billions and billions

  1. in the vicinity of
    (form) used before a number to show that it is not exact (около, приблизительно)
  2. keep/hold someone/something in check
    to control someone or something that might cause damage or harm   EX: attempts to hold global warming in check
  3. imminent
    imminence (N)
    • - likely or certain to happen very soon (esp. of sth unpleasant) EX: Many species of animal are in imminent danger of extinction.  
    • – неминуемость, неотвратимость
  4. uptick
    (business) a small increase, especially in the price of something  EX: In order for an uptick to occur, a transaction price must be followed by an increased transaction price. (OPP – downtick)
  5. yield
    an amount of something that is produced   EX: increased crop yields produced on some farms
  6. arable land
    arable land is suitable or used for growing crops
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