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  1. to obscure
    to make something difficult to discover and understand
  2. to be confined to somewhere/sth
    to confine
    • to exist only in a particular area or group of people
    • to limit an activity, person, or problem in some way. EX: Let's confine our discussion to the matter in question, please!
  3. intricacy
    • (pl) complicated details
    • (uncount) the quality of having a lot of complicated small parts or details: EX: the intricacy of the needlework
  4. to revolve
    to move or cause something to move around in a circle
  5. dexterity
    the ability to perform a difficult action quickly and skilfully with the hands, or the ability to think quickly and effectively. EX: He answered the journalists' questions with all the dexterity of a politician.
  6. to denounce
    to criticize something or someone strongly
  7. baffling
    absolutely confusing, difficult to understand
  8. to instill sth in sb
    to gradually make sb feel, think, behave in a particular way (внушать, вселять)
  9. co’llateral learning
    connected but less important (второстепенный, косвенный); C. damage
  10. to phase sth out
    to remove or stop using something gradually or in stages
  11. to intervene in sth
    to intentionally become involved in order to modify or determine events or their outcome (intervention)
  12. to be en’amored of sth
    (form) liking sth a lot
  13. to reap the benefit, reward, etc
    to get something good as a result of your own actions:  EX: She studied every evening and reaped the benefit at exam time.
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