1. what is EDB
    external data bus - guy in the box that swithes the info
  2. what is a register
    worktables were math problems are done the 4 famous ones are AX BX CX DX
  3. a single charge to the clock wire is called a
    clock cycle
  4. what is clock speed
    the maximun number of clock cycles that a computer can handle
  5. 1 hertz,megahertz, gigahertz =
    • 1 cycle per secound
    • 1 million cycles per secound
    • 1 billion cycles per second
  6. todays computers run on 3g
  7. what determines the speed at which a cpu operates
    system crystals --this process is called the system bus
  8. what do registers provide for cpu
    the cpu uses regesters for temporary storage of internal commands and data
  9. what function does the external bys have in the pc
    the external data bus provides a channel for the flow of data and commands between the cpu and ram
  10. what is the function of the addres bus in the pc
    the address bus enables the cpu to comminicate with chipset
  11. what is the size of the data bus and L1 catch on a core 2 duo CPU
    the core 2 dou cpu has a 64 bit data bus and to 64 kb L1 catch
  12. when a tech adds a new Athlon 64 X2 processor to a motherboard, what should they check (2)
    even with the cpuid built into a modern processors a good tech should the motherboard settings for speed, clock multiplier and voltage. He or she should also know the speed of the CPU
  13. the intel core duo has which of the following advantages over the pentium M
    the intel core duo has /dual processors/, a definite advantage over the pentium M
  14. the intel core duo processor has 2 32-kb level 1 catch whereas the athlon 64 has one 128 -kb level 1 catch. what does the catch provide for the processors
    a catch enables the cpu to continue working during pipeline stalls
  15. what distinguishes the athon thunderbird from the original anthlon
    the anthlon thunderbird used a pga package and ran on a double pumped frontside bus
  16. you cant installintell processors on Amd base motherboards
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