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  1. List the procedures common to all emergencies:
    • Aviate: keep the aircraft flying
    • Navigate: look for a landing spot
    • Communicate: when you have time, call for help. Emergency frequency: 121.5 MHz


    • Airspeed: keep best flight speed
    • Best field: find a landing spot
    • Cockpit checks: try to recover
  2. Distress condition emergency call is?
    • MAYDAY
    • Mayday should be used under serious or imminent danger.
  3. Urgent condition emergency call is?
    • PAN-PAN
    • Pan-pan should be used in a potential distress situation- but before it's evolved into a distress condition.
  4. Emergency radio frequency is? Transponder code?
    • 121.5 MHz
    • 7700
  5. What's the best airspeed on a Skyhawk?
    65 kts
  6. List the cockpit checks in an emergency:
    • Fuel Selector Valve: make sure it's on both
    • Fuel Shutoff Valve: make sure it's in
    • Mixture: push it in (except at high altitudes)
    • Auxiliary Fuel Pump: turn it on
    • Ignition: make sure it's on both
  7. Engine Failure During Flight (Restart Procedures)
    Memory Items
    • Airspeed - 65 Kias: best glide speed
    • Fuel Shutoff Valve - ON (PUSH IN): physically verify it's on
    • Fuel Selector Valve - BOTH: make sure 1 tank isn't empty
    • Auxiliary Fuel Pump Switch - ON: the engine driven pump may have failed
    • Mixture - RICH: or richer, if if it's leaned too far
    • Ignition Switch - BOTH: try to start it up
    • Carburator Heat: possible ice has blocked fuel flow
  8. Emergency Landing Without Engine Power - Checklist Items
    • Passenger Seat Backs: upright
    • Seats and Belts: secure
    • Airspeed (flaps up): 65 kias
    • Airspeed (flaps down): 60 kias
    • Mixture: idle cutoff
    • Fuel Shutoff Valve: off
    • Ignition Switch: off
    • Wing flaps: as required
    • Master switch: off
    • Door: unlatched
    • Touchdown: slightly tail low
    • Brakes: apply heavily
  9. Engine Failure During Takeoff Roll
    Memory Items
    • Throttle - IDLE: stop the takeoff
    • Brakes - APPLY: asap
  10. Engine Failure Immediately After Takeoff
    Memory Items
    • A: airspeed
    • B: best field
    • C: cockpit checks
  11. Engine Fire in Flight
    Memory Items
    • Mixture - IDLE CUT OFF: stop the fire
    • Fuel Shutoff Valve - OFF: pull full out
    • Boost Pump - OFF: check
    • Master Switch - OFF: eliminate electrical fires
  12. Engine Fire During Start (First Steps)
    Memory Items
    • Cranking - CONTINUE: try to start
    • Power - 1700 RPM: insure flames are drawn into engine
    • Engine - SHUTDOWN: and inspect for damage
  13. Engine Fire During Start (If the Engine Doesn't Start)
    Memory Items
    • Throttle - FULL OPEN: more air
    • Mixture - IDLE CUT OFF: no fuel to the fire
    • Cranking - CONTINUE: draw the flames into the engine
    • Fuel shutoff Valve - OFF: pull full out
    • Auxiliary Fuel Pump - OFF:
  14. Electrical Fire in Flight
    Memory Items
    • Master Switch - OFF: cuts off electricity
    • Vents, Cabin Air, Heat - CLOSED: prevents fanning the flames
    • Fire Extinguisher - ACTIVATE: if available
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