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  1. What is the purpose of the clock wire?
    A charge on the clk wire tells the CPU there is another piece of information waiting to be processed
  2. What is a clock cycle?
    A single charge to the clock wire
  3. What is clock speed?
    The maximum number of clock cycles a cpu can handle in a given period
  4. What does the system crystal do?
    Determines the speed that the cpu and the rest of the pc operates
  5. What is the system bus speed?
    the speed that the cpu and pc run
  6. What is the system crystal made of?
    quartz oscillator
  7. T or F The quartz oscillator sends an electric pulse that first goes to the clock chip. The clock chip adjusts the pulse.
    True as long as the pc is turned on the quartz oscillator, through the clock chip, fires a charge on the CLK wire, in essence pushing the system along.
  8. What is overclocking
    telling the clock chip to increase the speed to greater than the cpu's designed speed.
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