1350: catheter care

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  1. Name the steps involved in the procedure of inserting a foley catheter:
    • •Clean Mrs. McCaulley's
    • perineal area with soap and water.

    •Clean your hands.

    •Open the #16 Fr catheterization tray.

    •Put on sterile gloves.

    • •Slide the sterile drape under Mrs. McCaulley's buttocks, protecting your gloves by
    • cuffing the drape around them.

    •Place the sterile tray on the drape between Mrs. McCaulley's thighs.

    •Open all supplies.
  2. What should you do if you meet resistance w/ insertion of a foley catheter into a female?

    What if it's in the wrong opening?
    • Make sure it is in the urethra and not in the vagina. If it is in the urethra , have the patient take several deep breaths, rotate the catheter
    • and attempt to continue the insertion. 

    • If it is the vagina, you can leave the catheter in the vagina and open a new kit
    • and attempt again.
  3. Catheter.

    What steps should you take to prevent infection?
    • hand hygiene
    • use clean gloves
    • use sterile gloves
    • maintain surgical asepsis
  4. What should you assess before inserting a catheter?
    • allergies to latex or iodine
    • bladder fullness (palpate, bladder scanner)
    • past Hx of catheter use
    • preference of dorsal or SIMS position?
  5. Enema.

    What are the uses for an enema?
    Using a solution into the colon to remove feces.
  6. Enema. 

    What are some assessments before inserting an enema?
    • warm the enema and make sure the temp. is appropriate.
    • assess Pt's mobility to and from bathroom.
    • check for adverse reactions during and after.
    • assess for potential fall risks.
  7. Enema.

    What are some things you can teach the Pt before insertion and when to notify HCP?
    Take deep breaths during admin. of enema.

    Notify if experiencing pain, cramps, dizzyness.

    Action: check WBC and platelet counts.
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