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  1. telephone sb for the second time, or ring someone who rang you earlier
    call back
  2. connect a telephone caller to the person they want to speak to
    put sb through
  3. be stopped from continuing a phone conversation because the connection broke
    (to get) cut off
  4. secretly listen to a conversation
    listen in
  5. put the part of the phone you speak into its usual position
    put (the phone) down
  6. call several people, often in order to find out information
    phone around
  7. talk to sb, usually to give them info you hadn't mantioned before
    get back to sb
  8. phone sb you rang earlier
    ring back
  9. telephone
    phone up
  10. use a telephone to call sb not in the same building (eg - hotel)
    dial out
  11. manage to talk to sb on the telephone
    get through
  12. gibe sb the telephone so that they could speak to the person who is on it
    put sb on
  13. end a phone call by replacing the part of the phone that you are speaking into, usually suddenly
    hang up
  14. end a phone call by replacing the part of the phone that you are speaking into
    ring off
  15. to call at your place of work to tell them why you are not there
    ring in
  16. speak louder
    speak up
  17. wait a moment
    hold on
  18. if sb is...., their voice cannot be fully heard
    break up
  19. turn an electrical device off
    switch off
  20. put electricity into a device
    charge up
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