Edexcel Core Chemistry

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  1. Describe a hydrocarbon
    A compound which contains hydrogen and carbon ONLY
  2. What is crude oil made of?
    A mixture of hydrocarbons
  3. Which process is used to separate crude oil?
    Fractional Distillation
  4. List the fractions of crude oil in order and give a use for each
    • gases, domestic heating and cooking
    • petrol, fuel for cars
    • kerosene, fuel for aircraft
    • diesel oil, fuel for some cars and trains
    • fuel oil, fuel for large ships 
    • bitumen, surface roads and roofs
  5. How do the fractions of crude oil differ from each other?
    • number of carbon atoms
    • boiling points
    • ease of ignition
    • viscosity
  6. Which element reacts with a fuel during combustion?
    Oxygen (O2)
  7. Which products are produced during the complete combustion of a hydrocarbon?
    • Carbon dioxide 
    • Water
  8. Which products are produced during the incomplete combustion of a hydrocarbon and why?
    • Carbon monoxide or carbon (soot)
    • Water
    • Because there is insufficient oxygen
  9. Which hazard does carbon monoxide have and why?
    • Toxic
    • Because it prevents the blood carrying oxygen
  10. What problems does soot cause?
    • Damages decorations 
    • Causes breathing problems
  11. Which impurity can hydrocarbons contain?
  12. When hydrocarbons burn how is sulfur dioxide produced?
    The sulfur impurities react with oxygen
  13. Which pollution problem does sulfur dioxide cause and how is is caused?
    • Acid rain
    • When the sulfur dioxide dissolves in rain water
  14. Describe the environmental effects of acid rain
    • Corrodes limestone statues
    • Kills fish in lakes and rivers
  15. What are the 3 greenhouse gases?
    • Carbon dioxide
    • Methane 
    • Water
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