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  1. Corporations Domicile
    • 1. Incorporated
    • 2. Principle Place of Business (PPB)
    • Milkin
  2. Rule 4(k)
    Federal Personal Jurisdiction

    (k)(A). Look at relevant state's long-arm statute
  3. Federal Personal Jurisdiction
    Rule 4(k)
  4. Rule 56(a)
    Summary Judgement

    30 days until after close of discovery
  5. Summary Judgment
    show no genuine dispute as to any material fact, and applying the law one clearly gets judgement.

    Rule 56(a)
  6. Rule 56(B)(1)(c)
    Cannot produce admissible evidence to support the fact
  7. Rule 12(b)(6)
    Takes all allegations as true. Failure to state legal issue/claim

    Can be refiled
  8. Motion to dismiss
    Rule 12(b)(6)
  9. Diversity Jurisdiction
    1. $75,000 and

    2. citizens diff state.

  10. 28 USC 1331
    Federal Question

    Jurisdiction over laws of congress, constitution, and US
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