Nutrition 11

  1. The essential mineral element in the structure of vitamin B-12 is

    D) cobalt
  2. Excesses of trace minerals

    A) tend to accumulate in tissues
  3. The chief determinant for the absorption of trace minerals is

    C) the physiological need
  4. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Foods of animal origin are more reliable sources of trace minerals than are foods of plant origin
  5. About 70-80% of total body iron in an adult is located in

    B) hemoglobin
  6. The oxygen-carrying protein of the red blood cells is __________ The oxygen-holding protein of the muscle cells is _____________
    • -hemoglobin
    • -myoglobin
  7. ___________is the short-term storage form of iron

    C) Ferritin
  8. The major function of iron in the body is to

    B) transport oxygen from the lungs to all cells
  9. The average life span of red blood cells is about

    B) four months
  10. Iron is lost from the body primarily through

    C) sloughing of cells, urine, feces, and sweat
  11. The average loss of iron is about _____________per day

    D) 0.3 to 1.2 mg
  12. The protein carrier required for iron transport in the blood is _________. It is normally_________% saturated with iron
    • -transferrin
    • -30%
  13. The average rate of iron absorption is normally about

    B) 18%
  14. Of the groups listed below,____________are least vulnerable to iron deficiency

    D) adult males
  15. Iron deficiency anemia is described as

    D) microcytic hypochromic
  16. Iron deficiency is a state in which iron stores are __________. Test readings of percent transferrin saturation will____________while TIBC will

    A) depleted; decrease; increase
  17. Iron deficiency anemia is not caused by

    C) alcoholism
  18. Of the factors listed below, only_____________ is not a reason why alcoholics are more vulnerable than others to iron overload

    B) the high iron content of alcoholic drinks
  19. The rate of iron absorption form the gut is controlled mainly by

    B) the iron status of the individual
  20. Heme iron is present in

    C) meat, fish, and poultry
  21. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Non-heme iron is more soluble in alkaline condition and is more easily absorbed lower down in the gastrointestinal tract

    Non-heme iron, in the form of ferrous iron, is more soluble in acidic conditions and is primarily absorbed in the duodenum
  22. __________not inhibit iron absorption

    C) orange juice does
  23. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Heme iron has greater bioavailbility than does non-heme iron
  24. The main biological function of zinc is as

    C) a cofactor
  25. ___________is not a symptom of zinc deficiency

    A) pernicious anemia
  26. ___________ do not have a high risk of marginal zinc deficiency

    C) breast-fed babies
  27. Of the foods listed below,____________is/are the richest source of zinc

    D) oysters
  28. Those at least risk of developing subclinical deficiencies are

    C) male athletes
  29. The best choice for a vitamin and mineral supplement, if needed, is

    C) a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement that is close to the RDA level for each nutrient
  30. Of the supplements listed below, ____________is/are potentially most detrimental to health

    B) vitamins A and D
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