Nutrition 10

  1. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    The body water content decreases with age
  2. Water does not function to

    B) supply energy
  3. A person who expends 2000 kcalories a day needs about ________litres of water per day
    -2 or 3
  4. The minimum amount of water lost through urine is _________per day

    D) 500 ml
  5. Positively charged ions are called ___________; negatively charged ions are called ____________
    • -cations
    • -anions
  6. The most abundant cation inside cells is

    A) potassium
  7. The most abundant anion inside cells is

    C) phosphate
  8. True/ False (support your answer with an explanation)

    A blood pH of over 7.45 yields a condition called alkalosis
  9. ___________the most important and efficient regular of acid-base balance

    B) The kidneys are
  10. Of the symptoms listed below, only__________is/are not related to sodium deficiency

    D) internal bleeding
  11. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Salt tablets are the best way of replenishing sodium lost in sweat during exercise because they are more easily absorbed by the body than the salt contained in foods

    Under normal sweating resulting from exercise, the best way of replenishing lost sodium is to ingest regular foods later. It is not necessary to have immediate replacement of sodium (within several hours is fine). Salt tablets or excess salt may cause risk of dehydration, especially if there is insufficient water intake
  12. Hypertension us not a major factor in

    D) peptic ulcers
  13. The average intake of sodium in Canadian diet is about _______per day
    - 2.4-4 grams
  14. Of the foods listed below,____________has the highest sodium content

    D) one cup of chicken noodle soup from a can
  15. Potassium does not function in

    A) cholesterol transport
  16. Deficiency of potassium is not likely to occur from

    C) sweating
  17. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Diets high in potassium are invariably low in salt, and may therefore be helpful in teh prevention of hypertension and stoke
  18. Of the foods listed below,____________is the best source of potassium

    B) one medium baked potato
  19. __________is not a recognized function of calcium

    A) energy production
  20. A low blood level of calcium triggers the secretion of

    A) parathyroid hormone, which in turn stimulates the synthesis of active vitamin D-3
  21. The blood calcium level cannot be increased through

    C) increased mineralization of bone
  22. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Calcium tentany, condition of spastic muscle contractions, is caused by by lack of dietary calcium, because calcium ions are required in the transmission of nerve impulses

    Calcium tentany, which is caused by low blood calcium concentration, is independent of the dietary intake of calcium. Rather, it is caused by a malfunction of one or more of the regulatory hormones
  23. Calcium absorption cannot be enhanced by

    A) fibre
  24. Oxalic acid and phytic acid

    A) interfere with calcium absorption by forming insoluble complexes with calcium
  25. Osteoporosis is a condition resulting in

    A) bones that are porous and brittle and that fracture easily
  26. ____________does not increase the risk of osteoporosis

    C) obesity
  27. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    The decline of estrogen in post-menopausal women causes an acceleration of bone loss that cannot by completely prevented, no matter how high that intake of calcium
  28. Of the foods listed below,___________is the richest source of calcium

    B) fifty grams of cheddar cheese
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