Phrasal verbs

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  1. bounce back
    to recover (recuperarse)
  2. turn (sth) down
    • to reject, to refuse
    • to decrease the volume or
    • strength (heat, light etc)
  3. put up with
    to tolerate
  4. put (sb) down
    to make sb feel shame or stupid or to humiliate
  5. break (sth) down
    derribar, echar abajo, romper, descomponer
  6. break down
    • desmoronarse (persona)
    • estropearse
  7. add up to
    sumar, ascender (it adds up to 47$)
  8. add up
    • sumar (the bill)
    • encajar (parts)
  9. blow up
    to explode
  10. blow (sth) up
    • demoler
    • hinchar
    • ampliar (photo)
  11. bend down
  12. bend over
    inclinarse (el cuerpo hacia adelante)
  13. bring (sb) up
    to raise sb, criar
  14. bring (sth) up
    • to mention, to start talking about sth
    • to vomit
  15. call (sth) off
    to cancel
  16. get along / get on
    to have a good relationship (llevarse bien)
  17. hand (sth) in
    to submit (presentar, entregar)
  18. keep from
    • esconder, ocultar (keep sth from sb)
    • to refrain from doing sth (can't keep from laughing)
  19. kick about / kick around
    to discuss (we kicked some ideas around)
  20. kick back
    to pay illegally (kick back sth to sb)
  21. kick in
    surtir efecto (o empezar a surtir efecto)
  22. look down on
    despreciar a
  23. look up to (sb)
    to admire (sb)
  24. look (sth) up
    buscar en un libro
  25. look up
    to improve (mejorar)
  26. make of
    opinar sobre
  27. make (sth) up
    to invent
  28. make up
    • to reconcile (reconciliarse)
    • componerse de (to be made up of)
  29. tear (sth) up
    to rip into pieces
  30. take off
  31. put (sth) off
    to delay, to postpone
  32. pass out
    to faint
  33. warm (sth or sb) up
  34. warm up
    calentar (antes de hacer ejercicio, hacer calentamiento)
  35. sort (sth) out
    solucionar, organizar
  36. use (sth) up
    terminar algo, usar algo hasta que se acaba y ya no queda más
  37. take after (sb)
    parecerse a (alguien)
  38. turn (sth) up
    • increase the volume or
    • strength (heat, light etc)
  39. turn up
  40. cut back on (sth)
    to reduce, to consume less
  41. point (sth or sb) out
    señalar (con el dedo)
  42. show off
    fanfarronear, llamar la atención
  43. slip up
    to make a mistake (meter la pata)
  44. run into (sb or sth)
    meet unexpectedly (encontrarse con)
  45. shop around
    comparar en varios puntos de venta (antes de comprar algo)
  46. stick to (sth)
    adherirse a algo, seguir algo y ceñirse a ello
  47. try (sth) out
  48. talk down to (sb)
    to talk to sb as if he/she was stupid
  49. ask (sb) out
    to invite (sb) on a date
  50. ask around
    to ask many people the same question
  51. back (sb) up
    to support
  52. break up
    • to end a relationship
    • to start laughing (informal)
  53. bring (sb) down
    to make unhappy, to make feel sad
  54. catch up
    ponerse al día
  55. catch up with
  56. cut in
    to interrupt
  57. dress up
    arreglarse, vestirse bien
  58. eat out
    to eat at a restaurant
  59. get away with (sth)
    to do sth without being noticed or punished (he got away with cheating in his maths tests)
  60. drop out
    to quit a class, school etc
  61. chip in
    to help
  62. fall apart
    to break into pieces, deshacerse
  63. hang up
    to end a phone call (colgar)
  64. hold on
    to wait a short time
  65. pass away
    to die
  66. switch (sth) on / off
    encender / apagar
  67. look into (sth)
    to investigate
  68. let (sb) down
    to fail to support or help, disappoint
  69. hit on (sb)
    flirtear con
  70. break out
    to escape
  71. call on (sb)
    • to ask for an answer or opinion
    • to visit someone
  72. cheer up
    to become happier
  73. cheer (sb) up
    to make sb happier
  74. get on (sth)
    to step onto a vehicle
  75. give (sth) away
    • to ruin a secret
    • to give something to someone for free
  76. grow out of (sth)
    to get too big for
  77. grow back
    to regrow (flowers, for ex.)
  78. hang on
    to wait a short time (informal)
  79. hang out
    to spend time relaxing (informal)
  80. hold (sth) back
    to hide an emotion
  81. pick (sth) out
    to choose
  82. cut back on (sth)
    bajar, reducir
  83. come forward
    to volunteer for a task or to give evidence
  84. grow into (sth)
    to grow big enough to fit
  85. back up (sth)
    hacer una copia
  86. call (sb) back
    to return a phone call
  87. call (sb) up
    to phone
  88. get back at (sb)
    to revenge on (sb)
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