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  1. Seared Ahi Tuna
    • 8 slices (4 oz)
    • Seasoned w/ blackening seasoning
    • lighly seared
    • served w/ cucumber salad
    • Mustard sauce around entire plate (Colemans dry mustard, dijon mustard, kikkoman soy sauce and budweiser)
    • Served w/ lemon wrap
  2. Veal Osso Buco Ravioli
    • 5 Raviolis
    • Saffron pasta shell stuffed w/mozzarella and shredded osso buco
    • served sauce made of white wine, barbequed butter and veal glace
    • served w/ sauteed spinach
    • sprinkled w/romano cheese
    • garnished w/ chopped parsley
  3. barbecued shrimp
    • 5 shrimp sauteed in barbecue butter sauce, chopped green onion and white wine
    • BBQ Butter Sauce: Heavy cream, cornstarch, water, bbq butter
    • BBQ Butter: Black and cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, galic, worcestershire sauce, tabasco, rosemary and butter
    • topped w/chopped parsley
  4. Spicy Lobster
    • 5 oz lobster tail
    • coated in seasoned cornstarch of blackening spice and fried
    • seasoned w/french fry seasoning
    • tossed in sriracha mayo(thai chilli sauce, mayo, tabasco, sriracha, cayenne pepper and sesame oil)
    • Garnished w/green onion
    • Accompanied w/ cucumber salad
    • Cucumber Salad: red bell peppers, red onion, and english cucumber.
    • Cucumber dressing: rice wine vinegar, fugar and salt
    • served w/lemon wrap
  5. Sizzling Blue crab cakes
    • 2 three oz crabcakes containing crab meat mixed w/ cracker meal, mayo, eggs and seasoning (baked)
    • drizzed w/lemon butter
    • garnished w/diced peppers and parsley
  6. Calamari
    • Tubes and tentacles
    • tossed w/buttermilk and seasoned flour
    • lightly fried
    • tossed w/sweet red chilli sauce, rice wine vinegar and roasted bell pepper
    • sprinkled w/peppers and parsley
    • served w/lemon wrap
  7. Mushrooms stuff w/crab meat
    • Lump crab meat
    • sauteed w/butter, celery, onion, garlic, salt, white and cayenne peppers and mixed w/italian breadcrums
    • placed into 4 mushroom caps
    • sprinkled w/romano cheese
    • Broiled
    • topped w/melted butter and parsley
  8. Crabtini
    • 3 oz jumbo lump crab meat
    • Tossed w/ciliantro and house vinaigrette
    • served in a chilled martini glass
    • 2 romaine hearts
    • 1.5 oz chopped salad mix
    • 1 oz remoulade sauce
    • sprinkled w/peppers and parsley
    • served w/lemon wrap
  9. shrimp cocktail
    • 4 broiled jumbo shrimp
    • served w/homemade cocktail sauce or remoulade sauce
    • Cocktail sauce: tomato catsup, lemon juice, horseradish and Worcestershire sauce.
    • Remoulade sauce: parsley, galic, mayo, zatarain's creole mustard, lemon juice, Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce.
    • Served w/lemon wrap
  10. Tempura onion rings
    • Lightly fried
    • 5 one-inch thick cut onion rings coated w/soda batter
    • seasoned w/french fry seasoning
    • sprinkled w/parlsey
    • served w/honey Thai sauce
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