Alkalosis / Acidosis

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  1. As respirations decrease in rate and depth (tidal volume), carbon dioxide is
    Retained by the body
  2. If carbon dioxide is retained by the body; this leads to an initial state of:
    respiratory acidosis
    respiratory alkalosis
    respiratory acidosis
  3. If left untreated, metabolic acidosis will result as the cells of the body begin producing
    Lactic acid secondary to anaerobic metabolism
  4. The initial treatment for acidosis, regardless of the underlying cause is
    Adequate ventilation
  5. Metabolic alkalosis (pH > 7.45) often results in periods of (what types of respirations)
    Bradypnea (abnormally slow respirations)
  6. Anaerobic =
    • Without oxygen
    • (high intensity activities)
  7. Insufficient carbon dioxide elimination is accompanied by insufficient ___________; therefore, the PaO2 would___________
    • Oxygen intake
    • Decrease
  8. Respiratory acidosis is always caused by
  9. A patient who is hypoventilating is retaining carbon dioxide and is not bringing in enough________ Therefore, the PCO2 ________ and the PO2____________
    • Oxygen
    • Increases (> 45 mm Hg) 
    • Decreases (< 80 mm Hg)
  10. Metabolic alkalosis is a pH of
    Greater than 7.45
  11. Large quantities of ingested antacids can cause
    Metabolic alkalosis
  12. Hyperventilation causes
    Respiratory alkaosis
  13. Hypoventilation causes
    Respiratory acidosis
  14. Large quantities of ingested acids can cause
    Metabolic acidosis
  15. Increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the body can cause:
    Respiratory acidosis
    Metabolic alkalosis
    Respiratory acidosis
  16. An unresponsive man is brought to the emergency department by his wife. Initial arterial blood gas analysis reveals a pH of
    7.1, a PaO2 of 68 mm Hg, and a PaCO2 of 60 mm Hg.
    These findings are MOST consistent with:
    Respiratory acidosis
  17. Aerobic =
    • With oxygen
    • (Endurance)
  18. Increased concentrations of CO2 in the body can cause
    Respiratory acidosis
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