Nutrition 8

  1. Which of the statements listed below is true?

    C) vitamins are organic substances found in food
  2. Most vitamins are required daily in___________amounts

    C) milligram and microgram
  3. Water-soluble vitamin

    B) are less likely to produce symptoms of toxicity than are fat-soluble vitamins
  4. LIst the standard names of the water-soluble vitamins
    • -thiamin
    • -riboflavin
    • -niacin
    • -vitamin B-6
    • -folate
    • -vitamin B-12
    • -pantothenic acid
    • -biotin
    • -vitamin C
  5. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Bioavailability refers to the amount of a vitamin or minerals that a food contains

    Bioavailability refers to the amount of a vitamin or mineral that the body actually absorbs and uses
  6. Thiamin pyrophosphate (TPP)

    D) is the coenzyme form of thiamin
  7. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Because atheletes engage in much vigourous exercise they require supplement of thiamin

    Adequate thiamin may be obtained on a regular diet. provided the diet is adequate in energy and nutritious food
  8. Large doses of thiamin cause

    D) non of the above
  9. An early clinical sign of mild thiamin deficiency is

    C) loss of appetite
  10. Of the foods listed below,____________is the best source of thiamin

    B) a 90 gram (three ounce) pork chop
  11. The food group that makes the most substantial contribution to daily thiamin intake is

    C) grain products
  12. Of the procedures listed below,____________would have the greatest effect on the thiamin in food

    A) adding baking soda to baked beans to speed up the cooking time
  13. The major function of FAD and FMN is as carriers if

    C) hydrogen atoms
  14. Riboflavin deficiency

    A) may be marginally present in people abusing alcohol
  15. Riboflavin deficiency is clinically manifested by

    D) inflammation of mucous membranes
  16. Riboflavin is easily destroyed by

    C) ultraviolet light
  17. The food group making the most substantial contribution to daily riboflavin intake is

    C) milk products
  18. The abbreviations for the two enzyme forms of niacin are _________and________
    • -NAD
    • -NADP
  19. Niacin is not recognized as

    D) necessart for hemoglobin synthesis
  20. Pellagra develops if diets

    C) are low in tryptophan and performed niacin
  21. Niacin defiency affects primarily the

    B) skin and central nervous system
  22. A diet that contains one milligram of preformed niacin and 240 mg of excess tryptophan has_________niacin equivalents (NE)

    A) 5
  23. Large doses of niacin may have therapeutic value in

    C) lowering blood cholesterol levels
  24. The food group making the most substantial contribution to daily niacin intake is

    A) meat and alternatives
  25. The primary role of vitamin B-6 is in

    A) protein metabolism
  26. The only specific symptom reflecting vitamin B-6 deficiency is

    C) microcytic anemia
  27. Of the foods listed below,___________is the best source of vitamin B-6

    C) a medium banana
  28. Vitamin B-6 is not sensitive to

    B) cabon dioxide
  29. The abbreviation for the primary coenzyme form of folate is_________
  30. Most of the folate present in foods is

    C) tetrahydrofolate
  31. The main function of folate is as a carrier of

    C) oxygen
  32. Symptoms of folate deficiency include

    A) macrocytic anemia
  33. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    The behavioural changes of depression, mental confusion, and abnormal nerve reflexes are the result of irreversible nerve damage resulting from folate deficiency

    These neurological symptoms are related to teh concentration of neurotransmitters in the brain and nervous system. They can be reversed once sufficient folate is available
  34. Folate is

    B) found in highest quantities in green, leafy plants
  35. During pregnancy, folate requirement is increased because

    D) cell division and cell growth are increased
  36. Of the foods listed below,__________contains the most folate

    C) half a cup of cooked lentils
  37. Vitamins B-12 does not function in

    C) production of gastric hydrochloric acid
  38. The intrinsic factor aids in vitamin B-12 absorption by

    D) attaching the vitamin to receptor sites on mucosal cells in the ileum
  39. Inherited pernicious anemia can be prevented by

    B) intramuscular injections of vitamin B-12
  40. Vitamin B-12 requirements can easily be met if

    B) foods of animal origin are consumed
  41. Strict vegans may become deficient in vitamin B-12 because

    A) they do not eat animal products
  42. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Since folate and B-12 have similar roles in nerve functioning, high folate intakes can reverse the symptoms of peripheral nerve degeneration in vitamin B-12 deficiency

    High intakes of folate can reverse the symptom of megaloblastic anemia in vitamin B-12 deficiency, but cannot reverse peripheral nerve degeneration. Unlike the insufficiency of neurotransmitters caused by of folate deficiency, irreversible nerve damage results from demyelination of nerve fibres during vitamin B-12 deficiency
  43. Vitamin C does not act as an antiooxidant by

    A) donating hydroxyl groups
  44. A structural protein that requires vitamin C for its formation is

    A) collagen
  45. Vitamin C assists iron absorption by

    C) reducing ferric iron to ferrous iron
  46. An early sign of scurvy is

    B) pinpoint hemorrhages
  47. Wound healing may be impaired in an individual with vitamin C deficiency because

    C) collagen synthesis is impaired
  48. Of the functions listed below, only________is not a role of vitamin C in the body

    D) aiding vitamin B-12 absorption
  49. A possible side effect of large intakes of vitamin C is

    A) kidney stones
  50. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Rebound scurvy is the re-occurence of vitamin C deficiency

    Rebound scurvy occurs when high vitamin C intake is suddenly stopped. Since the body has been conditioned to a high intake of vitamin C, the normal intake in insufficient to prevent deficiency
  51. The RDA for vitamin C in cigarette smokers is higher because

    B) there is increased oxidative stress due to cigarette smoke
  52. Of the conditions listed below, only________would not result in an increased vitamin C requirement

    A) obesity
  53. Of the foods listed below, only____________is not a rich source of vitamin C

    D) a medium pear
  54. Of the foods listed below,___________would probably contain the most vitamin C

    A) raw broccoli
  55. True/False (support your answer with an explanation)

    Vitamin C does not prevent or cure the common cold, but it may shorten the duration of a cold to a small extent
  56. Vitamin C prevents the formation of a group of carcinogens called

    a) nitrates

    b) nitrites

    c) nitrosamines

    d) nitrogenous compounds
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