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  1. accommodation
    process that allows shape of lens to change for near and far vision
  2. aqueous humor
    thick watery substance filling space between lens and cornea
  3. cathus
    angle where upper and lower eyelids meet
  4. choroid
    opaque middle layer of eyeball
  5. ciliary body
    set of muscles and suspensory ligaments that adjust lens
  6. cones
    color receptors on retina that have high visual acuity
  7. conjunctiva
    mucous membrane covering anterior of eyeball and inner eyelid
  8. cornea
    tranparent shield of tissue forming the outerwall of eyeball
  9. dacryocyst
    tear sac, lacrimal sac
  10. extraocular
    situated outside eye
  11. fovea centralis
    a pit in middle or retina that is area of sharpest vision
  12. iris
    anterior part of vscular tunic. colored part of eye
  13. lacrimal apparatus
    lacrimal gland, lake, canaliculi, and sac along with nasolacrimal duct
  14. lens
    refractive structure of eye. lying between iris and vitreous body
  15. optic nerve
    cranial nerve responsible for vision
  16. orbit
    bony depression in skull that houses eyeball
  17. palpebra
  18. pupil
    dark part in center of iris through which light enters eye
  19. retina
    light-sensitive membrane forming innermost layer of eyeball
  20. rods
    black and white receptors on retina that respond to dim light
  21. sclera
    outer surface of eye. part of fibrous tunic
  22. uvea
    vascular layer of eye
  23. vitreous body
    transparent jellylike substance filling interior of eyeball
  24. vitreous humor
    fluid component of vitreous body
  25. amblyopia
    condition where visual acuity is not same in both eyes (lazy eye)
  26. astigmatism
    fuzzy vision caused by irregular shape of one or both eyeballs
  27. blepharitis
    inflammation of eyelid
  28. blepharoconjuctivitis
    inflammation of palpebral conjunctiva, inner lining of eyelids
  29. blepharoplegia
    paralysis of an eyelid
  30. blepharoptosis
    drooping eyelid
  31. blepharospasm
    involuntary contraction of eyelids
  32. cataract
    complete or partial opacity of ocular lens
  33. conjunctivitis
    inflamamtion of conjunctiva. pink eye
  34. dacryocele
    herniated lacrimal sac
  35. dacryocystitis
    inflammation of tear sac
  36. dacryolith
    a stone in lacrimal apparatus
  37. dacryorrhea
    excessive discharge of tears
  38. glaucoma
    disease of eye from increased intraocular pressure and atrophy of optic nerve
  39. hodeolum
    an infection of a gland on eyelid.
  40. hyperopia
  41. iridomalacia
    softening of iris
  42. iritis
    inflammation of iris
  43. keratitis
    inflammation of cornea
  44. myopia
  45. oculodynia
    pain in eyeball
  46. oculopathy/ophthalmophathy
    eye disease
  47. ophthalmolith
    a stone in lacrimal apparatus
  48. ophthalmomalacia
    softening of eyeball
  49. presbyopia
    far-sightedness from loss of elasticity of lens due to aging
  50. retinitis
    inflammation of retina
  51. retinopathy
    disease of retina
  52. scleroiritis
    inflammation of sclera and iris
  53. strabismus
    lack of parallelism in visual axes. crossed eyes
  54. xerophthalmia
    dry eyes
  55. blepharectomy
    surgical removal of eyelid
  56. blepharoplasty
    surgery to correct a defective eyelid
  57. blepharotomy
    surgical incision of an eyelid
  58. conjunctivoplasty
    surgery on conjunctiva
  59. dacryocystectomy
    surgical removal of lacrimal sac
  60. dacryocystotomy/lacrimotomy
    incision into lacrimal sac
  61. phacolysis
    operative removal of lens in pieces
  62. retinectomy
    surgical removal of retina
  63. retinopexy
    surgical fixation of a detached retina
  64. retinotomy
    incision through retina
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