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  1. auricle/pinna
    one of two parts of external ear
  2. cerumen
    waxlike secretion occurring in external auditory cana
  3. cochlea
    part of bony labyrinth
  4. eustachian tube
    auditory tube that connects middle ear to pharynx
  5. external auditory canal
    one of two parts of external ear
  6. incus
    one of auditory ossicles
  7. labyrinth
    canals of inner ear
  8. malleus
    one of auditory ossicles
  9. ossicles
    three small bones in middle ear: malleus, incus, stapes
  10. stapes
    one of auditory ossicles
  11. tympanic cavity
    middle ear
  12. tympanic membrane
  13. anacusis
    total deafness
  14. conductive hearing loss
    hearing loss caused by interference with sound transmission in external auditory canal, middle ear or ossicles
  15. labyrinthitis
    inflammation of labyrinth
  16. mastoiditis
    inflammation of mastoid process
  17. Meniere's syndrome
    chronic disease of inner ear with vertigo, tinnitus, and periodic hearing loss
  18. myringitis
    inflammation of tympanic membrane
  19. otalgia
    pain in ear
  20. otitis
    inflammation of ear
  21. otodynia
  22. otopathy
    any disease of ear
  23. otoplasty
    surgical repair of pinna of ear
  24. otorrhea
    fluid dischard from ear
  25. otosclerosis
    formation of spongy bone in inner ear producing hearing loss
  26. presbycusis
    hearing loss that occurs with aging
  27. sensorineural hearing loss
    hearing loss caused by neural condition
  28. tinnitus
    sensation of noises in ears
  29. vertigo
    sensation of spinning or whirling. can be caused by infection or other disorder in inner ear
  30. audiometer
    electrical device for measuring hearing
  31. audiogram
    automatically recorded results of a hearing test with an audiometer
  32. cochlear implant
    surgically implanted hearing aid in cochlea
  33. otoscope
    device for looking into ear
  34. Rinne test
    hearing test using a tuning fork. checks for differences in bone conduction and air conduction
  35. Weber test
    hearing test using a tuning fork. distinguishes between conductive and sensorineural hearing loss
  36. labrinthotomy
    surgical incision into labyrinth
  37. mastoidectomy
    surgical removal of mastoid process
  38. myringectomy
    surgical removal of all or part of tympanic membrane
  39. myringoplasty
    surgical repair of tympanic membrane (eardrum)
  40. myringotomy/tympanotomy
    incision or surgical puncture of eardrum
  41. otoplasty
    surgical repair of pinna of ear
  42. stapedectomy
    surgical removal of stapes
  43. tympanectomy
    surgical removal of eardrum
  44. tympanocentesis
    puncture of tympanic membrane with a needle to aspirate middle ear fluid
  45. tympanoplasty
    surgery on eardrum
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