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  1. aortic valve
    connects left ventricle to aorta
  2. AV node
    fibers located at base of right atrium near ventricle that carry electrical stimulation to bundle
  3. bicuspid/mitral valve
    connects left atrium to left ventricle
  4. bundle of His
    top of interventricular spetum, carries electrical impulses from AV node to Purkinje fibers
  5. diastole
    relaxation phase of heart
  6. epicardium
    outer covering of heart
  7. pericardial sac
    lining of pericardium closest to heart
  8. septa
    separates right atrium from left atrium and right ventricle from left ventricle
  9. SA node
  10. sinus rhythm
    normal rhythm of heartbeat
  11. systole
    contraction phase of heart
  12. tricuspid valve
    connects right atrium to right ventricle
  13. troponin
    protein released into bloodstream when a heart attack occurs
  14. aneurysm
    localized dilation of artery, cardiac chambler or other vessels
  15. angina pectoris
    pain in chest due to ischemia
  16. angiospasm
    spasm in blood vessels
  17. angiostenosis
    narrowing of a blood vessel
  18. arrhthmia
    abnormal rhythm; irregular heartbeat
  19. arteriosclerosis
    hardening of arteries
  20. arteriospasm
    spasm of an artery
  21. arteritis
    inflammation of an artery
  22. atheroma
    fatty deposit or plaque within arterial wall
  23. atherosclerosis
    hardening/narrowing of arteries
  24. atrial fibrillation
    rapid, random, ineffective contraction of atrium
  25. atriomegaly
    enlargement of atrium
  26. cardiac arrest
    cessation of heart activity
  27. cardiodynia
    heart pain
  28. cardiomalacia
    softening of the heart
  29. cardiomegaly
    enlargement of the heart
  30. cardiomyopathy
    disease of heart muscle
  31. cardiopathy
    any heart disease
  32. cardiorrhexis
    rupture in wall of heart
  33. carditis
    inflammation of heart
  34. congestive heart failure
    syndrome where heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet body's needs for oxygen and nutrients. fluid retained and accumulates in ankles and legs
  35. disseminated intravascular coagulation
    widespread clotting and obstruction of blood flow to tissues
  36. dyscarisia
    general term for a blood disorder
  37. endocarditis
    inflammation of endocardium
  38. hemolysis
    change or destruction of RBC
  39. hemoiphilia
    congenital disorder impeding coagulation process
  40. hemorrhage
    discharge of blood
  41. ischemia
    deficiency in blood supply to tissues
  42. myocarditis
    inflammation of heart muscle
  43. pericarditis
    inflammation of pericardium
  44. thrombocytopenia
    abnormal decrease in number of thrombocytes or platelets
  45. thrombus
    blood clot attached to interior wall of a vein or artery
  46. valvulitis
    inflammation of heart valve
  47. vasculitis
    inflammation of a vessel
  48. ablation
    partial destruction of pathway of electrical conduction system of heart to treat irregular heart rhythms
  49. angiography
    radiography of a blood vessel after injection of a contrast medium
  50. antianginals
    drugs used to treat chest pain
  51. antiarrhythmics
    drug used to treat rhythm abnormalities
  52. cardiac catheterization
    procedure where a catheter is inserted into an artery and guided into heart.
  53. cardiac glycosides
    drugs used to improve heart output by increasing the muscular contraction
  54. cardiogram
    graphic trace of electrical activity in heart
  55. cardioversion
    use of electrical shock to restore heart's normal rhythm
  56. echocardiographylation
    ultrasonic procedure used to evaluate structure and motion of heart
  57. nuclear stress test
    assessment of blood flow through heart through use of a nuclear element injection while patient exercises
  58. sphygmomanometer
    instrument used to measure blood pressure
  59. ventricular fibrillation
    irregular contraction of ventricles. may be fatal unless reversed
  60. angioplasty
    surgical repair of blood vessel
  61. atrioseptoplasty
    surgical repair of an atrial septum
  62. cardiotomy
    incision into heart or cardia of stomach
  63. endarterectomy
    surgical removal of lining of an artery
  64. pericardiotomy
    incision into pericardium
  65. valvoplasty
    surgical repair of heart valve
  66. valvotomy
    surgical removal of a blocked heart valve by cutting into it
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