Site Planning and Design

  1. Cool Climates
    • compact forms
    • large south facing windows with small windows east/west, minimal windows on north
    • use interior materials with high thermal mass
    • include summer shading for glazed areas
    • dark colors for exterior
  2. Temperate Climate
    • rectangular buildings with long direction along east/west axis facing slightly east
    • shading in summer, allow sun on glazing and building in winter
    • use south facing openings to capture winter sunlight
    • use cooling effects of wind in summer and block in winter
    • use medium colors for exterior
  3. Hot-Humid Climates
    • provide shade for all openings
    • max natural ventilation with large openings, high ceilings and provide cross ventilation
    • light materials, minimize thermal mass
    • light colors for exterior
  4. Hot-Arid Climates
    • compact forms
    • minimize openings
    • shade openings
    • maximize thermal mass
    • use light colors for exterior
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Site Planning and Design
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