1. Advanced Research Projects Agency
    Government agency that created a network of computers named ARPANET that was the forerunner of the internet
    Early network of computers created by a government agency in the US Defense Department
  3. Backbone
    Major connection between smaller networks
  4. Bandwidth
    Range of frequencies used for transmission
  5. Biometerics
    User's biological information to confirm the identity
  6. Bridge
    Connection between two similar networks that use the same protocols
  7. Broadband
    Using multiple signals of different frequency on the same medium to provide fast internet connection that are always active
  8. Browser
    Program that displays web pages
  9. Cable modem
    Device that separates data from television signals
  10. Checksum
    total of the number in a packet
  11. Circuit switching
    Communication nodes are connected using dedicated channels through a network
  12. Client
    Computer or program that request services from a server
  13. Coaxial Cable
    Wire within a tube of metal, both which are insulated
  14. Country code top level domain
    two letter code that designates a country at the end of a url
  15. database server
    computer that interprets request for data and then retrieves data from storage
  16. dial up
    low speed data connection over telephone lines
  17. digital subscriber line
    high speed data connection over telephone lines normally used for analog voice transmission
  18. domain name
    Identification that denotes a subsection of the internet.
  19. domain name server
    computer that provides a directory that relates domain names to the computers
  20. domain name system
    combination of an easy to remember domain name and the numerical address of its host computer
  21. E1
    transmission capacity equivalent of 30 twisted pairs of telephone lines
  22. Ethernet
    Standard for connecting a network
  23. Fiber optic cable
    Glass strands used to carry data as flashes of light
  24. File Server
    network computer that stores and finds files or data, delivers information to the user, and manages updates to files
  25. File transfer protocol
    Rules for transferring files between computer over the internet
  26. Firewall
    software that can block unwanted or unsafe data transmission
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