Unit 48_buying and selling.txt

  1. spend too little money on or use too little of
    skimp on
  2. buy at a cheap price
    pick up
  3. sell some goods to get rid of them
    sell off
  4. if something is ...... it is no longer available to buy
    sell out
  5. 1) a performance, sports event etc for which all the tickets are sold 2) INFORMAL a situation in which someone does something that is the opposite of what they had promised or that seems to be against their principles
  6. 1) BRITISH a situation in which a business or part of a business is sold 2) AMERICAN a situation in which a lot of stocks are sold at the same time, making prices go down
  7. a type of car with an open back
  8. make sb reduce the price of sth
    beat sb down to
  9. reduce the orice by a certain sum
    knock (50 %) off
  10. put money together as a group
    club together
  11. cheat sb by making him pay too much
    rip off
  12. обдираловка
  13. look at different shops and compare prices
    shop around
  14. buy sth quickly because the price is good
    snap up
  15. pay for sth, especially when you don't want to
    fork out
  16. spend a lot of money on sth you don't really need
    splash out
  17. cause sb to pay a huge bill
    run up
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