4 Crim

  1. Aid or encourage a person to commit a crime
  2. Conspiracy
    1. agreement between 2 people (1 mpc).

    2. Purpose to enter into agreement

    3. An overt act in furtherance of the agreement

    • 4. Purpose to further unlawful act that’s object of
    • conspiracy

    5. Knowledge that the unlawful act is indeed unlawful
  3. Aid or encourage crime or attempt before or during crime.
    Accomplice liabilty
  4. 1. Intent to do acts or cause results which constitute crime

    2. acts beyond mere prep
  5. Aid or encourages at scene during crime (constructive ok), but does not act
    Principle 2nd degree
  6. Aid or encourages and commits crime with another
    Principle 1 degree
  7. Aid or encourage commission of crime before it occurs but not present
    Accessory Before the Fact. Principle now.
  8. Theft +1.

    Inflicts serious bodily injury or

    2. Threatens with or puts victim in fear of IMMEDIATE serious bodily injury or

    3. threatens to commit ANY felony
    2nd degree Robbery-MPC
  9. 1. Sexual contact
    2. w/out consent
    3. and by threat of immediate serious force
    4. w/reasonable resistance
    Forcible Rape Modern
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