Hot Words 1/5--Known words

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  1. abstemious
    holding back from eating or drinking too much
  2. adulate
    to praise or flatter too greatly; fawn over
  3. alleviate
    to lessen pain or discomfort
  4. amicable
    showing goodwill; peaceable
  5. antiquated
    very old and no longer in use obsolete
  6. ardent
    full of passion and emotion
  7. avid
    ardent; showing enthusiasm
  8. benevolent
    giving freely and easily to others; charitable; kind
  9. cacophony
    lack of harmony; loud and unpleasant noise; a racket
  10. censure
    to criticize strongly
  11. clamor
    unpleasant sound; noise
  12. concise
    using few words in speaking or writing
  13. conciliate
    to win a person over through special considerations or persuasive methods; reconcile
  14. copious
    abundant; much; plentiful
  15. delectable
  16. detached
    aloof; indifferent
  17. din
    ongoing loud sound; noise
  18. ebullient
  19. enigma
    a riddle of mystery. a puzzling or baffling matter or person
  20. euphony
    pleasing sound
  21. fanatical
    full of great enthusiasm or devotion
  22. gingerly
    very carefully
  23. haughty
    snobbish; having great pride in oneself and dislike for others
  24. innovation
    something new
  25. jocular
    liking to be with people, joke around with them and have fun
  26. largess
    generous giving
  27. lethargic
    having little or no energy
  28. malicious
    intending to hurt or harm another; spiteful
  29. miserly
    careful with how money is spent; thrifty
  30. myriad
    countless; a very large number
  31. novel
  32. odious
    loathsome; evil; revolting in a disgusting
  33. panegyrize
    to praise a peson
  34. philanthropic
    showing a desire to help others by giving gifts; charitable; humane
  35. plethora
    excess; abundance
  36. presumptuous
    too forward or bold; overstepping proper bound
  37. prosaic
    dull; commonplace
  38. quienscent
    quiet; still; inactive
  39. ravenous
    very hungry
  40. remote
    emotionally distant and disinterested; aloof; uninvolved; distant; far away
  41. rhetorical
    relating to speech that is used to persuade or have some effect; insincere in expression
  42. slavish
    slave-like, overly humble, involving very hard work
  43. succinct
    concise; clearly and briefly stated
  44. sycophant
    a self-server who tries to gain the favor of others through the use of flattery of by being overattentive
  45. torpid
    lacking energy; relation to inactivity; feeling sluggish
  46. turmoil
    a turbulent scenario or situation; tumult
  47. virulent
    extremely poisonous; deadly; full of spiteful hatred
  48. wary
    cautious; careful
  49. eulogize
  50. raze
  51. voracious
  52. astute
    very clever
  53. compliant
  54. excerpt
  55. evanescent
  56. complementary
    serving to complete
  57. Quell
  58. rebuff
  59. animosity
    hatred; ill will
  60. assuage
    pacify; to alleviate; lessen pain
  61. cryptic
    mysterious; obscure; hidden
  62. fervent
    filled with passion or intensity
  63. indifferent
    apathetic; showing little or no concern or care
  64. mellifluous
    sweet smooth sounding
  65. prodigal
    wasteful; lavish
  66. aggregate
    sum total
  67. acrid
  68. volatile
    explosive or changing very quickly
  69. coalesce
    come together
  70. detrimental
  71. pariah
    social outcast
  72. clandestine
  73. accolade
    an award given as a sign of appreciation or respect
  74. affable
    easy to talk to; easy to approach; friendly; kind; amiable
  75. altruistic
    unselfish concern for others
  76. apathetic
    indifferent; showing no caring; interest or concern; lacking emotion
  77. bombastic
    using language in pompous, showy way; speaking to impress others
  78. colloquial
    pertaining to common everyday speech; conversational
  79. baneful
    pernicious, harmful
  80. captious
    quarreling, quibbling
  81. chastise
    scold harshly, punish
  82. confounding
    puzzling, baffling
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