Math Concepts

  1. Area of a Traingle: Image Upload 2
  2. Pythagoras Theorem: Image Upload 4
    Image Upload 6
  3. What are the dimensions in a 30, 60, 90 triangle?
    Image Upload 8
  4. What are the dimensions of a 45, 45, 90 traingle?
    Image Upload 10
  5. What is the area and circumference of a circle? Image Upload 12
    Image Upload 14

    Image Upload 16
  6. What is the volume of a 3D cube? Image Upload 18
    Volume: L*W*H
  7. What is the volume and area of a cylinder?
    Image Upload 20

    Image Upload 22
  8. Picking Numbers IN:
    • even/odd problems
    • percent problems
    • algebraic expressions
  9. Eliminate the obvious:
    on complex questions.
  10. Figures in the SAT are:
    always drawn to scale, unless labelled.
  11. PEMDAS:
    Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add and Substract.
  12. Special Triangles:
    3,4,5 and 6,8,10.
  13. Triangle Inequality Theorem:
    When you add lenght of any two side of any traingle, result must be greater than the length of third side.
  14. Average:
    Sum of terms/Number of terms.
  15. If you are solving for a percent:
  16. If you need to solve for a part:
  17. When square root in a term in a equation:
    square both sides to eliminate the square root.
  18. Advance Numbers:
    Choose a number.
  19. Because absolute value is distance:
    its always positive.
  20. Domain:
    set of values for which the function is defined.
  21. Range:
    set of outputs or results of the function.
  22. Linear function:
    equation whose graph is a straight line.
  23. Slopes of perpendicular lines:
    Negative reciprocals.
  24. Slopes of parellel lines:
  25. Quadratic function:
  26. Transformation:
    Alteration of any function.
  27. f(x)+n:
    shifts grap of f(x) n units up.
  28. f(x)-n:
    shifts grap of f(x) n units down.
  29. f(x+n):
    shifts grap of f(x) n units left.
  30. f(x-n):
    shifts grap of f(x) n units right.
  31. Equation of a straight line:
  32. Midpoint formula:
    Image Upload 24
  33. When a line is tangent to a circle:
    it is perpendicular to the radius that it intersects.
  34. Positive Slopes:
    tilt upward to the right.
  35. Negative Slopes:
    tilt downward to the right.
  36. Horizontal Lines:
    have a slope of zero.
  37. Vertical Lines:
    have an undefined slope.
  38. Parallel Lines:
    have equal slopes.
  39. Perpendicular Lines:
    have negative reciprocal slopes.
  40. Union of sets:
    (U) symbol. set of elements that are in either or both of the different sets you start with.
  41. Intersection of Sets:
    (n) symbol. set of elements common to the sets you start with.
  42. Direct variation:
    y=kx, where k is nonzero constant.
  43. Inverse Variation:
    xy=k, where x and y are variables and k is constant.
  44. Probability:
    desired outcomes/possible outcomes.
  45. Distance Formula:
    Image Upload 26
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