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  1. Efficient
    • I function in the best possible manner, using requisite knowledge, skill ¬†and industry.
    • Able
    • Active
    • Capable
    • Dynamic
    • Economical
    • Powerful
    • Productive
    • Useful
    • Valuable
  2. Appreciation
    • I give thankful recognition to all good. I estimate the qualities of ideas and give them their proper value.
    • Gratitude
    • Recognition
    • Thanks
  3. Gratitude
    • I deeply appreciate all of the kindness and benefits I have received.
    • Gratified
    • Thankful
    • Grace
  4. Grace
    • The elegance or beauty of form or manner.
    • Goodwill
    • Charm
    • Ease
    • Forgiveness (live and let live)
    • Merciful
    • Leniency
  5. Cherish
    I value my good, my understanding of the Actual. I hold it dear.
  6. Entertain
    I entertain only good and right thoughts and ideas.
  7. Lighthearted
    • I am always lighthearted because I always expect the good.
    • I approach any activity with an attitude of fun, enjoyment, gratitude, and appreciation.
  8. Devotion
    • I am profoundly dedicated to my unfoldment.
    • Consecration
    • Enthusiasm
    • Fidelity
    • Love
  9. Enthusiasm
    • I take a lively interest in all good.
    • Activity
    • Conviction
    • Eagerness
    • Energy
    • Exhilaration
    • Interest
    • Joy
    • Passion
  10. Joy
    • I maintain the emotion of great delight.
    • Animation
    • Cheer
    • Comfort
    • Delight
    • Fun
    • Good humor
    • Fruition
    • Refreshment
    • Satisfaction
    • Wonder
  11. Control
    • I have the power, authority and command to have my mentality under control. I exercise influence over myself as to guide, direct, and manage my thought. I turn to the right thought no matter what.
    • Command
    • Mastery
    • Domination
    • Management
  12. Authority
    • I have authority over my own thought. I know the Truth and I speak with authority to myself.
    • Power
    • Force
    • Influence
  13. Strength
    • I have strength of character from knowing the Truth. I have the force to overcome opposition. It lies in the almighty power of the Truth within me.
    • Mental stamina
    • Courage
    • Energy
  14. Energy
    • I have unlimited mental power available to me.
    • Spirit
    • Vigor
    • Application
    • Activity
    • Efficiency
    • Fortitude
  15. Ambition
    • I actively aspire to excellence and I have a strong desire for success.
    • Desire
    • Drive
    • Enthusiasm
    • Initiative
    • Love
    • Passion
    • Spirit
    • Vigor
  16. Force
    • My True thought is a powerful force for good. I have both mental and moral strength, my force of character.
    • Energy
    • Power
    • Might
    • Strength
  17. Character
    • My character is made up of my disposition and reflects my integrity, the moral and ethical quality of my mentality.
    • Individuality
    • Disposition
    • Personality
    • Quality
    • Sense
    • Temper
  18. Capacity to Do
    My mental stamina is limitless. I have this power from the firm conviction that I can do anything!
  19. Resistance
    I stand for the Truth, always! I resist temptation to reverse cause and effect.
  20. Application
    I make keen use of intelligence by using my knowledge of Actuality - to PROVE the Truth to myself and fix it in my mind.
  21. Wisdon
    I have the skill to use Wisdom in application of the Truth. I use Intelligence to the best ends.
  22. Sagacity
    • I have gained expertise and finesse to readily discern and distinguish ideas, and, to separate truth from error.
    • I use a keen practical judgement, which enables me to guard against the designs of others, and to turn everything to my best possible advantage.
  23. Fortitude
    • I have the strength of mind which enables me to encounter any situation--people, condition, or thing--with patient courage.
    • I always turn to the right idea and point it out to myself, no matter what the surrounding conditions.
  24. Accurate - To the Point
    I ignore that which is unnecessary, because I am accurate in my thinking. I always think in conformity with the Facts of Being, the Truth, Intelligence.
  25. Self-confidence
    • I am bold, because I am supremely self-confident.
    • I know the Truth of Being
    • I have proven it to myself
    • I am always in contact with the Primal Element
    • I am a good reasoner
  26. Innocence
    Innocence is my natural state, because I am Truth, which knows no error.
  27. Gentle and Refined
    • Life is all good; therefore, I am peaceful, undisturbed, calm, mild and tender.
    • My mentality -- Me -- My life, is purified of all error.
  28. Kind and Merciful
    • I proceed from goodness of heart, because the good is all, regardless of appearances.
    • I am able to separate the person from the deed.
    • I live and let live.
  29. Tractable
    I trust the Truth and can be easily led to the correct thought and idea
  30. Self-possessed
    • I am in possession of all of my natural faculties and abilities
    • I am cause for myself
    • I can accomplish anything
    • I can do this!
    • And it is easy.
  31. Composed
    I know that all is good; therefore, I can forebear anything without a change in my character
  32. Relaxed
    • I have let go of error; therefore, I am at ease
    • I am relaxed
    • No tension
  33. Painstaking
    • My mentality is well-ordered and well-analyzed
    • I proceed easily and comfortably
    • I pay attention to the necessary details
    • I ignore the unnecessary
    • I patiently wait for the good
    • I hold only the best thoughts about everyone and everything
  34. Persistence
    I persist in the good, for the good is all
  35. Support and Sustain
    • I hold to the Truth, for the Truth is all
    • I uphold the good, for it keeps me from falling into despondency
  36. Carry
    I carry all of the details of good that I unfold, effortlessly, tirelessly.
  37. Produce
    I bring only good thoughts forth to produce the good.
  38. Abide
    I stand firm and dwell in the good
  39. Tolerate
    • I approve of everything because there is only Truth and Good
    • I "live and let live" because everyone is on the same path as I -- unfolding to perfect consciousness.
  40. Bring Forth
    I supply a feeling of conviction to bring forth all the good I can experience.
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