behavior interview questions

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  1. So, why don't you
    tell me about yourself?
    • I work well in challenging, high stress, & fast pace environments
    • both individually and as part as a team. 
    • I’m passionate about learning new skills, and I am very effective at
    • solving complex problems.
  2. Tell me about an objective
    in your last job that you failed to meet and why.
    • As a TSE, I have metrics such as customer satisfaction & case
    • resolution time that I must meet.  We are
    • expected to close our cases within a set amount of time, which is 15 days on
    • average.  I tend to keep my cases open a
    • bit longer than the set amount of time (17 days vs 15).  I do this to ensure that my customers are
    • satisfied before I close a case.  Because
    • of this my csat is higher than the company expected csat score (93% vs 91%).
  3. How has work at your last
    company changed you as a person?
    • My current employer taught me how to become Flexible, Confident, as well
    • as how to think from a business perspective, while obtaining technical skills
    • which definitely made a difference.
  4. How long would you expect to
    work for us if hired?
    • If I have a learning curve and career growth I will never think of
    • leaving a company.
  5. What has been your
    most significant accomplishment in your career?
    • Got AS degree in electronics & got certified as Symantec certified
    • professional in SFHA unix
  6. Think back to your
    last review. What did your supervisor say needed improvement?
    • I am too detailed, sometimes I may spend too much time on one task.  Need to spend more time assisting other TSEs
    • & answering questions.
  7. Why are you seeking a
    position with our company?
    to gain experience in Saas & Enterprise IT Cloud Solutions
  8. Why do you want to leave
    your current job? (Why did you leave your last job?)
    • Lack of career growth (been there for
    • over 2 years & still has current position. 

    • Laid off 100s of
    • skilled employees in an attempt to “save money”.
  9. Where do you see
    yourself five (ten or fifteen) years from now?
    Becoming an inventor & designing electronics.
  10. What do you like the
    most/least about your current (previous) job?
    What I like the most:  working from home

    • What I like the
    • least:  lack of recognition.  No career growth.
  11. What do you know
    about us (review investor relations & press room.  Also get up to speed about products)?
    • Servicenow offers Enterprise IT cloud solutions in areas such as
    • application development, operations & management, & service automation
    • that feature high availability & data replication to geographically
    • separated data centers.  Simple & accessible
    • user interface & experience.
  12. How do you deal with
    an irate customer
    • “I am a firm believer in the customer comes first. I’ve learned to not
    • take the things that customers say about their experience personally, which
    • really helps when it comes to diffusing the situation. I always try to really
    • understand the complaint and do the best I can to solve the issue. If they are
    • really upset I would then get the manager. Sometimes they just want to talk to
    • a manager to know that their complaints are being heard.”
  13. Troubleshooting
    • Here’s the secret (yes, there’s a secret): Your interviewer
    • isn’t necessarily looking for a right answer. He wants to determine how
    • quickly you can think on your feet, how you’ll approach a difficult
    • situation, and, most importantly, whether you can remain positive and
    • proactive and make progress in the face of a challenge.

    • So, if one of these
    • “problem-solving” questions gets thrown your way—relax, be yourself, and tackle
    • it calmly. Talk the interviewer through your internal thought process, so he
    • can gain insight into the way you think and analyze information. Below are some
    • of the toughest types of questions employers are known to ask—and your guide
    • for how to ace them.
  14. How do you define
    achieving your goals
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