Handel/Bach significant compositions

  1. Top 5 for Handel
    • water music
    • messiah
    • royal fireworks
    • concerti grossi op 6
    • Judas maccabaeus
  2. top 5 for bach
    • St. thomas passion
    • the well tempered clavier
    • brandenburg concertos
    • toccata and fugue in d minor
    • Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
  3. Water music
    publicity stunt to boost nationality, popular rhythmic motif drives the work, still popular today
  4. messiah
    • enduring popularity
    • use of choruses
  5. royal fireworks
    • composed to celebrate the end of the war of the Austrian
    • succession. Handel left out string instruments against his will b/c the king preferred
    • only wind inst/drums
  6. Concerti Grossi Op 6
    newly composed, represented merging of national styles
  7. Judas Maccabaeus
    composed for the king after theEnglish victory at eh battle of Culloden
  8. St. Thomas passion
    revival of bach's music popularity
  9. well tempered clavier
    technique exercise for intermediate to advanced keyboard students
  10. Brandenburg concertos
    • contrasts between soloists and small orchestra,
    • still popular and performed today,
    • many variations onchord progression.
    • some of his most famous concerted works.
  11. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
    • demonstrates bach’s adeptness at improvisation, variation, counterpoint, and technical skill.
    • One of his most famous organ works.
  12. Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
    • based on Martin Luther chorale, written for reformation day.
    • exemplifies bach’s cantata style
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