Chap. 12

  1. special interest
    often used to designate an interest group whoseaims or issue preferences one doesn’t like
  2. interest groups
    an organization whose goal is to influencegovernment
  3. lobbyists
    contacts government officials on behalf of a particular cause or issue
  4. membership group
    interest group primarily organized around voluntary members
  5. lobbying coalition
    collection of lobbyists working on related topics or a specific legislative proposal.
  6. gift ban
    eliminates gifts from interest groups to lawmakers
  7. power-elite theory
    wealthy are influential in extensive control over government decisions
  8. issue campaign
    concerted effort by interest groups to arouse popular support or opposition for a policy issue
  9. trade association
    lobbying group that represent a collection of related businesses
  10. material benefits
    items distributed by public interest groups as incentives
  11. expressive benefits
    values that inspire individuals to join a public interest group.
  12. solitary benefits
    feeling of shared commitment and purpose experienced by individuals who join a public interest group
  13. issue network
    shifting alliances of public and private interest groups, lawmakers, and other stakeholders all focused on the samepolicy area.
  14. reverse lobbying
    attempts by government officials to influence interest groups on behalf of their preferred policies
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