Week One Quiz

  1. How many bits are in a mac address?
  2. Describe what trunking mode is in regards to a switch port
    Trunks is where the switch does not strip the VLAN tag when sending out packets
  3. I have a RAID 5, With 14 500gig drives, I have one drive fail yesterday.  How many more drives can fail before permanent data loss?
    NONE, raid 5 can only have one drive failier
  4. Compare and contrast VLANs, and SUBNETS
    A VLAN is a virtual LAN that usually sits on top of existing architecture, that hides the information from the other LANs.  Where a subnet in an internal lan, but every ip knows what the others are
  5. NAT, RFC1918, and other reserved address spaces all of these have a common goal, what is the goal and why is it important to the world?
    The goal is the have less used up Public IPs
  6. What OSI layer does HTTP live on?
    Layer 5 - Session
  7. What is the difference between TCP and UDP?
    • TPC is more secure because it implements a 3 way hand shake process, to make sure that all of the packets got to the destination.
    • UDP is faster but not as reliable because it just sends all of the data
  8. What is a routing loop?
    A routing loop is where one computer sends a packet to another, and that computer sends it back to the first computer, and then the first computer sends it back in a continues loop.
  9. I have a RAID 6, with 7 400gig drives, what is my overhead?
    800GIGs, (2 Drives)
  10. What is collision domain
    Where packets going down the same route can collide, because there is nothing controlling the flow of data.
  11. What is the very simple method of countering a DDOS attack?  Are there any addition side affects of implementing this method?
    • You can implament null routing, where it will send the attacking IP, or IP ranges to an invalid destination.
    • If there is a legit IP that is within the null range, it will all be sent to the invalid destination.
  12. Fill in the empty spaces of the process:
    A) Host checks to so if the the destination IP address is on the same network
    D) Host sends the packet to the resolved destinations MAC address
    • B) selects the gateway
    • C) ARPS for the destinations MAC address
  13. How is a MAC address used in regards of identification?
    • First 24bits = Manufacture number
    • Last 24bits = Unique NIC number
  14. What is the fault tolerance of a RAID 10?
    Best case is 50%, worst case is 1 disk
  15. What command line tool might I use to change IP addresses, add routes, and view specific network adapter configuration information?
  16. What command line tool might I use to view all the current connections on the NIC?
  17. When looking at a directory with hundred of files, what modifiers might I use along with the DIR command to view the information in a parsed format?
  18. My Rackspace environment requires 3 segmented networks to support my security requirements.  How many interfaces will my firewall need to have in order to properly serve my need?
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