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  1. corium
  2. lunula
    white, crescent-shaped area of a nail
  3. melanocyte
    cell that produces melanin
  4. sebaceous
    oil-producing gland
  5. sudoriferous
    sweat-producing glands
  6. abscess
    localized collection of pus in any body part, associated with swelling and inflammation
  7. albinism
    partial or total absence of pigment of skin, hair and eyes
  8. alopecia
    partial or complete loss of hair, baldness
  9. comedo
    blackhead, dilated hair foolicle filled with bacteria, primary lesion in acne
  10. cyanosis
    abnormal condition signaled by bluish discoloration of tissue
  11. cyst
    closed sac or pouch in or under the skin that contains fluid or solid material
  12. dermatomycosis
    fungal infection of the skin
  13. diaphoresis
  14. ecchymosis
    purple patch more than 3mm in diameter caused by blood under the skin
  15. eczema
    inflammatory condition of skin characterized by erythema vesicles and crusting with scales
  16. drythema
    abnormal redness of skin
  17. excoriation
    scratch mark, linear break in the skin surface
  18. hemangioma
    benign tumor of blood vessels, birthmark
  19. hyperhidrosis
    profuse sweating, increased or excessive perspiration
  20. ichthyosis
    abnormally dry skin, scaly, resembling fish skin
  21. impetigo
    inflammatory skin disease with pustules that rupture and become crusted
  22. keloid
    overgrowth of scar tissue
  23. macule
    flat, discolored area that is flush with the skin
  24. nevus
    mole, pigmented skin blemish that is usually benign but may become cancerous
  25. nodule
    a small node or circumscribed swelling
  26. onychomalacia
    softening of nails
  27. papule
    small, circumscribed solid elevation of skin
  28. paronychia
    infection around a nail
  29. petechia
    tiny hemorrhagic spot on the skin less than 3mm in diameter
  30. polyp
    a mass of tissue that bulges outward from skin's surface on a stem or stalk of mucous membrane
  31. pruritus
  32. psoriasis
    chronic skin disease characterized by itchy, red, silvery-scaled patches
  33. pustule
    small circumscribed elevation of skin containing pus
  34. scabies
    contagious infection caused by a mite
  35. scleroderma
    chronic disease characterized by thickening and hardening of skin
  36. tinea
    fungal infection of skin
  37. ulcer
    an open sore or lesion of skin
  38. urticaria
    hives, allergic raction of skin characterized by eruption of pale red elevated patches
  39. verruca
    wart, caused by a virus
  40. vesicle
    small, fluid-filled, raised lesion, a blister
  41. vitiligo
    localized loss of skin pigmentation characterized by milk-white patches
  42. debridement
    removal of necrotic or dead tissue from a wouuld/burn
  43. onychectomy
    surgical removal of a nail
  44. onychotomy
    incision into a nail
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