Neuro Quiz 4 Part 2

  1. The volume of gray matter is greatest at
    Cervical and lumbosacral levels (areas innervating the extremities)
  2. Laminae I – IV
    • Substancia gelatinosa
    • Receives extroceptive input
    • -----pain, temp, touch, pressure
  3. Laminae V – VI
    • Clark’s column, Nucleus Dorsalis
    • Receives proprioceptive info (conscious and unconscious)
  4. Laminae VII
    • Internuncial pool, nucleus proprius
    • Deals with reflex reactions of the SC
  5. Laminae VIII
    Connects laminae VII to laminae IX
  6. Laminae IX (medial)
    • Contains a mass of cell interconnections and gamma motor neurons
    • ---intrafusal muscle fiber in the polar region of muscle spindles
  7. Laminae IX (lateral)
    • Alpha motor neurons
    • --- controls skeletal muscles
  8. Cerebellum location of gray and white matter
    • Gray: outside (cortex)
    • White: inside (corpus medularis)
  9. What structures increase the area of the cerebellum?
    Gyri and sulci
  10. Name of gyri in cerebellum
  11. How is the cerebellum connected to the brain stem?
    • By 3 cerebellar peduncles
    • -- superior cerebellar peduncle (brachium conjunctivum)
    • -- middle cerebellar peduncle (brachium pontis)
    • -- inferior cerebellar peduncle (restiform body)
  12. superior cerebellar peduncle in cerebellum
    brachium conjunctivum
  13. middle cerebellar peduncle in cerebellum
    brachium pontis
  14. inferior cerebellar peduncle in cerebellum
    restiform body
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Neuro Quiz 4 Part 2
Neuro Quiz 4 Part 2