Bioen Ch 10

  1. noninvasive
    on the surface of the body
  2. body surface potentials
  3. input impedance
    input resistance
  4. voltage divider circut
    occurs whenever a source voltage is applied to a string of resistors in series and the measured voltage is taken across one
  5. op amp
    operational amplifier
  6. operational amplifier
    differential amplifier
  7. differetial amplifier
    dual input amplifier
  8. dual input types
    inverting and noninverting
  9. inverting input
    denoted with a - (inside the symbol), or vn
  10. non-inverting input
    denoted with a + (inside the symbol), or vp
  11. dependent sources
    output varies according to the value of some voltage or current in another part of the circuit (diamond shape)
  12. inverting amplifier
    returns the negative of v(s)
  13. noninverting amplifier
    returns the positive of v(s)
  14. input impedance is taken to be
    very large, rendering current between them 0, and the difference in voltage 0 as well
  15. feedback resistor is connected to which input
    inverting, always
  16. vp and vn
    vp = vn
  17. voltage follower
    v0 = vs aka unity gain amplifier aka buffer amplifer
  18. summing amplifier
    voltages from two or more sources are to be added together
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Bioen Ch 10
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