Incredible English 2 "Can"

  1. What can a crocodille do?
    I can swim but it can’t run
  2. What can a lion do?
    A lion can run fast but it can’t fly
  3. What can a monkey do?
    A monkey can climb a tree.
  4. What can you do?
    I can play the piano / the guitar / the flute.
  5. What can you read?
    I can read a book.
  6. Su içebilir miyim?
    Can I drink water?
  7. Ozan can play the piano.
    Ozan piyano çalabilir.
  8. Can Tom dance?
    Tom dans edebilir mi?
  9. A penguin can swim but it can’t fly.
    Penguen yüzebilir fakat uçamaz.
  10. A zebra can walk but it can’t talk.
    Zebra yürüyebilir fakat konuşamaz.
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Incredible English 2 "Can"
Incredible English 2 "Can"