Chapter 7: Phase 1- Flavors & Flavorings

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  1. The sharp, first flavors or aromas that come from citrus, herbs, spices and condiments. They provide instant impact and dissipate quickly.
    What is a top or high note?
  2. The second wave of flavors and aromas. More subtle and more lingering than top notes. These notes come from dairy, poultry and some vegetables, fish, and some meats.
    What are middle notes?
  3. The most dominant, lingering flavors. They consist of the basic tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter,  umami). Can be created by smoking or caramelizing the foods sugars during grilling, broiling, or dry heat cooking
    What are low notes or bass notes?
  4. The final flavor that remains in the mouth after swallowing.
    What is after taste or finish?
  5. The unity of the dish's various flavors achieved through the judicious use of butter, cream, coconut milk, etc. causing other flavors to linger without necessarily adding their own dominant taste or flavor.
    What is roundness
  6. What are the factors affecting perception of flavors?
    • Temperature
    • Consistency
    • Presence of contrasting tastes
    • Presence of fats
    • Color

    Mnemonic: TC CT FC
  7. What can compromise the perception of taste?
    • Age
    • Health
    • Smoking
  8. An item that adds new taste to a food and alters its natural flavor
  9. Any of a large group of aromatic plants whose bark, roots, seeds, buds or berries are used as a flavoring

    example: cinnamon
  10. Any of a large group of aromatic plants whose leaves, stems, or flowers are used as flavoring.

    example: Parsley or parsley stems
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