C Law Vocab 2/2

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  1. commutation
    modification of a sentence to make it less severe.  Lessen. Diminish
  2. Copetent
    dully qualified, legally capable
  3. composition
    an agreement between a debtor and several creditors for payment of a debt on different terms Ex. accord
  4. compos mentis
    of sound mind, sane
  5. compound
    to settle a debt with several creditors.  The composition is the agreement entered into by the debtor and the creditors
  6. compound a felony
    to enter into an agreement for consideration not to inform on one who has committed a felony. To do something to protect felon
  7. concurrent
    running together.  Happening at the same time
  8. concurrent jurisdiction
    authority held by two or more tribunals to hear the same matter
  9. concurrent sentences
    two or more sentences which may be served at the same time
  10. confession
    voluntary admission of guilt
  11. confrontation
    setting a witness face to face with the defendant; guaranteed in the Constitution
  12. conjugal
    pertaining to the married state, connubial
  13. consaguinity
    relationship by blood
  14. construe
    to interpret
  15. consortium
    the right of each spouse to the affection, aid, and companionship of the other

    2. a combination of financial institutions to establish a large operation
  16. consul
    an official of one country who resides in another country and represents the interests of its citizens there
  17. contiguous
    close to or actually touching
  18. contra
  19. contraband
    property which is illegal to possess
  20. contravene
    to contradict
  21. corollary
    a deduction
  22. corpus
    body, person, capital of an estate as opposed to its income
  23. convenant
    a written agreement
  24. cul-de-sac
    a dead end; an impasse
  25. covin
    a conspiracy
  26. culpa
    guilt, fault
  27. mea culpa
    my fault
  28. cy-pres
    as near as possible
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