Music appreciation midterm 2

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  1. The mighty 5
    group of Russian composers
  2. The salon
    a small intimate venue
  3. The father of German romantic opera
    Carl Maria Von Weber
  4. When was the romantic period?
  5. What is a suite?
    A multimovement composition made up of a serious of contrasting dance movements, generally in the same key
  6. Who described Tchaikovsky as the most Russian of all?
  7. Opera
    A drama that is sung
  8. Who does romantic music reflect?
    The poor
  9. Are romantic and classical music mutually exclusive?
  10. What are the 5 new forms of music?
    • Tone poem
    • Character piece
    • concert overture
    • art song
    • rhapsody
  11. What instrument in Chopin play?
  12. Is rhythm important and flexible?
  13. What is impressionism?
    In music it is characterized by by exotic scales, unresolved dissonance, parallel chords, rich orchestral tone color, and free rhythm
  14. What is an oratorio?
    scared music
  15. What was Schuberts unfinished symphony?  When was it heard with great success?
    • number 8
    • 1865, after his death
  16. Concerto
    Instrumental genre in several movements for solo instrument (or group) and orchestra
  17. What is texture?
    Interweaving melody and harmony in the music fabric.  It was rather heavy featuring a prominent melody supported by chords.
  18. Where was Schubert from?
  19. How many symphonies did Mahler write?
    9, and used voices in many of them
  20. Define classic and romantic music
    • Classic: adhering to tradition
    • romantic: emotional, non-conforming, and emotional
  21. Are there speaking parts in grand opera?
  22. Did Dvorak gain recognition in his teens?
  23. How many symphonies did Brahms write?  Are the programmatic or absolute? Did he ever marry?
    • 4
    • all absolute
    • never married
  24. Who is the closest spirit to Beethoven?
    Johannes Brahms
  25. How important was Wagner?  Did he use a large orchestra?
    • Considered the musical giant of the romantic period
    • large orchestra of about 100
  26. Coda
    A brief closing section
  27. What form of music does Dr Lease feel is the highest expression of art?
  28. Was Chopin only a pianist?
    No, he was also a great composer
  29. What countries music influenced ravel?
  30. What the chromatic scale important in romantic music?
  31. What is a romantic melody?
    A highly personal and unique utterance
  32. What country did Grieg represent?  Did he use nationalism in his music?
    • Norway
    • yes
  33. Who is important in a concerto?
    The soloist
  34. Edward MacDowell
    First American composer
  35. What kind of opera did Puccini write?
    Realistic opera
  36. Who did Schumann write for?
    Virtuoso pianist
  37. Are tempo changes important?
  38. Who was the originator of the tone poem?
    Franz Liszt
  39. What are the two schools of thought for romantic music?
    Absolute and programmatic
  40. Did Wagner get involved in politics?
  41. Was nationalism a major or minor part of the romantic period?
  42. Is modulation important?
  43. What was the first German romantic opera?
    Der Freischutz
  44. Was Tchaikovsky's music programmatic?
    not all of it
  45. Virtuoso
    A performer of extraordinary technical ability
  46. What century did exoticism come?
  47. how many movements in a concerto?
  48. The Bayreuth Festspielhaus was built under whose direction?
    Wagner, and the stage was flat
  49. Does the music stop a lot in grand opera?
  50. recitative
    broken chords
  51. Schubert was the master of what?  How many did he write?
    • art songs
    • 600
  52. How many opera are in the ring cycle?  How long did it take to write them?
    • 4
    • 26 years
  53. What order did Wagner write the libretto and music in?
    • libretto in reverse order
    • music in sequence
  54. What did Brahms do at age 10 to make money for his family?
    Played the piano in local dance halls
  55. Did Chopin have anything to do with Russian nationalism?
  56. Where did Dvorak spend a summer?
    A bohemian colony in Spillville Iowa
  57. Who is the bridge between romantic and modern music?
    Gustav Mahler
  58. Enrique Granados
    First Spanish composer
  59. Who was the founder and principal exponent in impressionism?
    Claude DeBussy
  60. Did Wagner think he was good?
  61. Who was George Sand to Chopin? What was her profession?
    • A woman who he lived with and was sponsored by
    • She was a novelist
  62. Did Tchaikovsky ever marry?
  63. Chopin's parents
    French father and Polish mother
  64. Which city was the operatic capitol?
  65. Opera Buffa
    comic opera
  66. Where was the ring cycle first performed?
    Bayreuth Festspielhaus
  67. Moldau
    Bedrich Smetana
  68. Unfinished Symphony
    8th by Franz Schubert
  69. Faust
    Charles Gounod
  70. Prelude to the afternoon of a fawn
    Claude DeBussy
  71. Hungarian Rhapsody
    Franz Liszt
  72. Finlandia
    Jean Sibelius
  73. Othello
    Giuseppe Verdi
  74. Elijah and Messiah
    Felix Mendelssohn and Handle
  75. Pathetique
  76. Scheherazade
  77. Les Preludes
    Franz Liszt
  78. A night on Bald Mountain and Pictures at an exhibition
  79. Peer Gynt Suite
  80. 1812 overture and Nutcracker Suite
  81. The ring cycle, where and what year?
    • Wagner
    • 1848-1874 
    • Germany
  82. Flight of the Bumblebee
  83. Rigoletto
  84. Program symphony Harold in Italty
  85. Carmen
  86. Oberto
    Verdi's first
  87. William tell
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