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  1. expired gas is a mix of __gas and __ gas
    • dead space
    • alveolar
  2. when is the alveolar air sampled?
    during inspiration
  3. composition of oxygen in dry outside air
  4. composition of CO2 in dry outside air
  5. composition of nitrogen + other gases in dry outside air
  6. in a crowded and poorl ventilated room, CO2 and O2 can change by:
    • 0.2%
    • CO2 rise
    • O2 fall
  7. F stands for:
    fractional concentration in dry gas
  8. P stands for:
    Pressure of gas
  9. C stands for
    content of gas per unit volume in a liquid
  10. S stands for:
  11. V stands for:
    gas vol
  12. f stands for:
    respiratory frequency
  13. dot above the symbol stands for:
    in unit time
  14. a bar across a symbol stands for:
    the mean
  15. Q stands for:
    the vol of blood
  16. I stands for:
    inspired gas
  17. E stands for:
    expired gas
  18. A stands for:
    alveolar gas
  19. T stands for:
    tidal gas
  20. D stands for:
    Dead space gas
  21. STPD stands for:
    standard temperature and pressure dry
  22. BTPS stands for:
    body temperature and pressure saturated with water vapour
  23. ATPS stands for:
    ambient temp and pressure saturated with water vapour
  24. a stands for:
    arterial blood
  25. v stands for:
    venous blood
  26. c stands for:
    capillary blood
  27. B stands for:
  28. upper case letters used for ___ phase and lower case for ____ phase
    • gas
    • liquid
  29. define oxygen content
    amount of O2 that can be released after destroying the O2 binding power of haemoglobin i.e. O2 in physical solution AND O2 combined with haemoglobing
  30. define oxygen capacity
    O2 combined with haemoglobin when it is fully saturated
  31. when haemoglobin is saturated, O2 ____ may be higher than O2_____
    • content
    • capacity
  32. define oxygen saturation
    oxygen content-dissolved oxygen/oxygen capacity
  33. define CO2 content
    the amount of CO2 that can be released from the sample after treatment with acid and extraction under a vacuum
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