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  1. inf to sing a song or play an instrument loudly
    belt out
  2. to become less active, strong or violent
    die down
  3. to spend some time in another place, especially for a rest or holiday
    go away (for a weekend / for a while etc.)
  4. to do something after you have finished doing something else
    go on (+ to do)
  5. to start something very lively and energetic
    launch into
  6. to disappoint somebody who was relying on you; feel disappointed
    let down; be / feel let down
  7. to delay doing something because you do not want to do it now
    put off
  8. to open the window of a car
    roll down (your window)
  9. feltűrni (igen, benne van)
    roll up
  10. to show how silly something or somebody is by imitating them in a funny way
    send up
  11. to sing at the same time as somebody else who is already singing
    sing along (+ with)
  12. to have no more of something to sell
    sell out (+ of)
  13. to be clearly better than the rest
    stand out
  14. to change somebody or something into something else
    turn into
  15. to happen in a particular way that you did not expect
    turn out
  16. to appear or arrive
    turn up
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