1. Cheeks Sparger
    Connects Brown Trail and Industrial
  2. Cummins
    Connects Forrest Ridge and Industrial
  3. Harwood
    Connects Brown with Industrial
  4. Bedford
    Connects Brown (South of 183) with Industrial
  5. Tibbets (W) / Central Park Drive
    Connects Westpark with Hospital PKWY with Central
  6. Schumac
    Connects Hospital PKWY with Forrest Ridge. Passes through Central
  7. Pipeline
    Connects Brown with Industrial
  8. Savannah
    Connects Schumac with Industrial (B/W Cental and Forrest Ridge)
  9. Brown Trail
    Connects Cheeks Sparger with Industrial (EAST)
  10. Forrest Ridge
    Connects Cheeks Sparger with Pipeline
  11. Wade
    Connects Bedford Road (South of 183) with Pipeline
  12. Central Drive
    Connects Cheeks Sparger with Pipeline
  13. Murphy Dr.
    Connect 121/183 split with Cheeks Sparger
  14. L. Don Dodson
    Turns into Martin Drive - goes all the way to Cheeks Sparger
  15. South of Harwood
    2800 Block
  16. North of Harwood
    2900 Block
  17. McLain
    Connects Harwood (West of Forrest Ridge) with Cheeks Sparger
  18. Spring Valley
    • Goes North - South - just East of Brown
    • Goes from Simpson Terrace across Harwood - Turns into Stoangate Dr and meets 183
  19. Meadow Park
    Shortcut between Central and Harwood (Circle drive)
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