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  1. withdraw
    take smth out / take out smth
  2. reduce
    cut back smth / cut smth back
  3. repay
    pay back smth / pay smht back
  4. be equal to smth in total
    come to smth
  5. pay back all the money you owe
    pay off
  6. "pay money that you owe
    especially when you don't want to"
  7. cause to owe a large amount of money
    run up
  8. pay someone the money you owe to them
    settle up
  9. keep money to buy something later
    save up
  10. use money for some particular purpose and not for anything else
    set aside
  11. accept that an amount of money has been lost
    write off
  12. have money returned
    get back
  13. give something to somebody without asking for payment
    give away
  14. buy something you weren't planning to buy
    pick up
  15. very cheap
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