Health Chapter 11

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  1. What is AMDR? And what % is necessary for carbs, lipids, and proteins each day?
    • Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range
    • Carbs: 45-65% of daily kcal
    • Lipids: 20-35%
    • Proteins: 10-35%
  2. What does RDA stand for?
    Recommended daily allowance
  3. Define Satiety
    Feeling of fullness and the physical and emotional pleasure it brings
  4. Define Macronutrients (what are they x3)
    The energy containing essential nutrients that you need in higher amounts. (carbs, lipids, proteins)
  5. Define Micronutrients (what are they x2)
    Essential nutrients that you need in smaller amounts (vitamins, minerals)
  6. Define Organic
    Containing Carbon
  7. What are the 4 main reasons we chose the food we do?
    • 1. Taste & Culture
    • 2. Social Reasons & Norms.
    • 3. Cost, Time & Convenience
    • 4. Habits & Emotions
  8. 4 Components of a Healthful Diet
    • 1. The 3 macronutrients
    • 2. Calculating Food Energy
    • 3. Vitamins and Minerals
    • 4. Water
  9. Define Nutrient Density (what types of foods)
    • Beverages that provide a high-level of nutrients and thus maximizes the nutritional value of each meal and snack.
    • - Fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean dairy & protein
  10. Define Energy Density (where is it found?)
    • Foods that are high in energy but low in weight or volume.
    • - Fat
  11. How long does it take for the brain to signal "I'm full"?
    20 minutes
  12. Difference between Hunger and Appetite
    Hunger is the need for food. Appetite is the desire for food.
  13. What are the 5 requirements of a food label?
    • 1. Product Identity (name)
    • 2. Net Contents
    • 3. Nutrition Facts
    • 4. Ingredients
    • 5. Signature Line
  14. What is an Authorized Health Claim?
    Claims based on a well-established relationship between the food or compound and the health benefit. Food manufacturers must petition the FDA and provide the scientific research that backs the claim.
  15. What is a Health Claim based on Authoritative Statements?
    Claims based on statements made by US government agencies. If the FDA approves the claim, the wording of these claims must include "may"
  16. What is a Qualified Health Claim?
    Claim based on evidence that is still emerging. Must be accompanied by the statement "the evidence to support the claim is limited or not conclusive"
  17. What is a Structure/function Claim?
    The weakest claim. Their statements or facts about the role of the nutrient or dietary ingredients plays in your body.
  18. 5 Tips for Grocery Shopping
    • 1. Choose healthy options
    • 2. Check the label
    • 3. Plan ahead for the week
    • 4. Limit bad fats
    • 5. Pick low sodium
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