US History Exam 2 (3)

  1. Dealt with conservation and provided jobs for young men ages 18 to 25; work on regional environmental projects; plant trees, build roads, build parks, fight soil erosion, cutting trees, digging lakes
    CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps 1933)
  2. Created in 1933 to control flooding in the Tennessee River Valley, provide work for the region's unemployed,and produce inexpensive electric power for the region (most ambitious plan of FDR)
    TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority (1933)
  3. Flamboyant Senator from Louisiana; disconnected with banks, corporations, machine politics, broke with FDR in 1933, wanted to "make every man a can"
    Huey Long
  4. California physician; advocated giving older Americans (60+) $200 monthly pension, if they retired
    Dr. Francis Townsend
  5. Broke with FDR in 1934, blamed banks; known as "radio priest"- had weekly broadcast from shrine of little flower (Detroit); anti semitic
    Fr. Charles Coughlin
  6. Part of the Second New Deal, it provided jobs for millions of the unemployed on construction and arts projects
    WPA (Works Progress Administration 1935)
  7. Created the Social Security system with provisions for a retirement pension, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, and public insurance (welfare); helped those who couldn't help themselves: aged, the poor, handicapped, protection in form of pension and insurance
    Social Security Act 1935
  8. Created by Senator Robert Wagner; Labors Magna Carta; Established the National Labor Relations Board and facilitated unionization by regulating employment and bargaining practices
    Wagner Act
  9. British Prime Minister returned from The Munich conference of 1938, which awarded Hitler the Sudetenland, proclaiming that he had guaranteed "peace in our time"
    Neville Chamberlain
  10. Drew up the Atlantic Charter with FDR in August of 1942; vowed to resist a threatened Nazi invasion.
    Winston Churchill
  11. Following meetings in Newfoundland between President FDR and British prime minister Winston Churchill, the charter signaled the Allies' cooperation and stated their war aims (Condemned Nazi tyranny, created four freedoms)
    Atlantic Charter
  12. On December 7, 1941, Japanese planes, launched from aircraft carriers, bombed the naval base at ____ in Hawaii
    Pearl Harbor
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