1. When do groups do bad things?) deindividuation
    The loosening of normal constraints on behavior when people can't be identified
  2. Predictors of deindividuation) group size
    Larger crowds poroduce more anonymity
  3. Predictors of deindividuation) physical anonymity : zimbardo hood study results
    -women dressed in hoods and white coats delivered twice as many shocks when anonymous than when having a large name tag
  4. Predictors of deindividuation) arousing and distracting activities
    Actions that hype people up like clapping, chanting, singing
  5. Predictors of deindividuation) diminished self awareness
    increase self awareness leads to diminished deindividaution
  6. Self awareness is the opposite of...
  7. 2 reasons why deindividution occurs?
    -no personal accountability

    -increases obedience to group norms
  8. Where's one place to find a lot of deindividuation?
  9. 2 situations in which group beats individuals?
    -they rely on the person with the most expertise

    -they are motivated to search for the answer that is best for the entire group and not just for themselves
  10. What is process loss?
    Any aspect of group interaction that inhibits good problem solving
  11. What contributes to process loss? (3)
    No one listens to the expert

    -commutation problems

    -failure to share unique information
  12. How to avoid process loss? (2)
    -assign each person different responsibilities

    -take time to discuss unshared ideas
  13. What is transactive memory ?
    The combined memory of 2 people that is more efficient than the memory of either individual
  14. 2 ways transactive memory works
    -knowledge held by individual group members

    -communication network in place
  15. What is groupthink?
    Kind of thinking that maintaining group cohesiveness is more important than considering the facts in a realistic manner
  16. Antecedents of groupthink (5)
    -highly cohesive group

    -group isolation

    -directive leader

    -high stress

    -poor decision making procedures
  17. Symptoms of groupthink (6)
    -illusion of invulnerability

    -belief in moral correctness of group

    -stereotyped views of out group

    -self censorship

    -pressure to conform

    -illusion of unanimity
  18. 4 results of groupthink
    -incomplete survey of alternatives

    -failure to examine risks of the favored alternative

    -poor infraction search

    -failure to develop contingency plans
  19. 4 ways to avoid groupthink
    -impartial leaders

    -get outside information

    -divide into subgroups

    -secret ballots
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