US History Exam 2 (1)

  1. Pushed standard and mass production; way to succeed: make all cars alike (black); improved the assemble line, model T (20 horsepower engine), preached doctrine of high wages (established the "five dollar day"
    Henry Ford
  2. Henry Fords Model T sold in 1927 (type of car)
    “tin lizzies”
  3. One of the first female governors  (WY)
    Nellie Ross
  4. One of the first female governors (TX)
    Miriam ‘Ma’ Ferguson
  5. First licensed radio station (Frank Conard)
    KDKA Pittsburg
  6. Hit 54 home runs; made Yankees first to attract 1 million fans a season; endorsed everything from clothing to candy bars
    Babe Ruth
  7. Introduces Jazz to New Orleans
    Joe ‘King’ Oliver
  8. Brought Universal Negro Improvement Association to America in 1916; convicted of mail fraud and sentenced to prison for overselling stock in Black Star Line; Deported to Jamaica
    Marcus Garvey
  9. African American literacy and artistic movement of the 1920's centered in New York City's Harlem neighborhood
    Harlem Renaissance
  10. Literacy Figure helped write Harlem Renaissance; were befriended and sponsored by white intellectual and published by white presses.
    Langston Hughes
  11. Two Italian Anarchist who are charged with shoe robbery and murder; death sentenced; Judge Webster Thayer denies them and calls them Anarchist bastards
    Sacco and Vanzetti
  12. Organized in Pulaski, Tennessee, in 1866 to terrorize former slaves who voted and helped political offices during Reconstruction; a revived organization in the 1910s and 1920s stressed white, Anglo Saxon, fundamentalist Protestant supremacy; Reborn in 1915 in Stone Mountain, George
    Klu Klux Klan
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