chapter 8

  1. abscess
    localized accumulation of pus
  2. albinism
    congenital defect in melanin development, causing lack of pigment in the hair, skin, and eyes.
  3. alopecia
    hair loss
  4. anhidrosis
    abnormal condition of not sweating
  5. bleb
    small blister
  6. bulla
    large blister
  7. cicatrix
  8. cyanosis
    bluish skin or MM color
  9. dyskeratosis
    abnormal alteration in keratinization
  10. ecchymosis
    flat, reddish purple spot caused by intradermal or submucous hemorraghes: bruise
  11. erythema
    redness of skin
  12. exanthema
  13. exfoliation
    shedding of horny layer of epidermis
  14. fissure
    crack or groove: erosive
  15. hyperhidrosis
    excessive sweating
  16. hyperkeratosis
    overgrowth of horny layer of epidermis
  17. intradermal
    within the skin
  18. macula
    small, discolored spot on the skin that can be seen but not felt; surface
  19. nodule
    small, visible mass protruding above the skin
  20. pallor
    paleness of skin
  21. papule
    small, rounded elevation of the skin
  22. pruritis
  23. purpura
    purplish red discoloration on the epidermis caused by hemorrhage into tissue
  24. pustule
    pus collected in hair follicle or pore
  25. scale
    epithelial cells on epidermis or shed from it
  26. subcutaneous
    beneath the skin
  27. acne
    inflammation of skin caused by plugging of sebaceous glands w/ development of papules and postules
  28. allergic dermatitis/ atopy
    skin inflammation cause by allergy
  29. contact dermatitis
    inflammation of skin caused by contact w/ something the animal is allergic to
  30. decubitus ulcer
    skin lesion caused by pressure that results in defective circulation; bed sore
  31. dermatitis
    inflammation of skin
  32. dermatocellulitis
    inflammation of skin and underlying connective tissue
  33. dermatosis
    any skin disease
  34. discoid lupus erythermatosus
    autoimmune skin disease characterized by depigmentation; particularly of the face
  35. eczema
    general term for acute or chronic dermatitis
  36. epidermolysis bullosa
    genetic skin dz. characterized by blisters caused by any mechanical friction, resulting in large open sores and skin fragility
  37. exfoliative dermatitis
    dermatitis w/ scaling, itching, loss of hair, and redness of skin
  38. frostbite
    tissue damage caused by exposure to extreme cold
  39. pemphigus vulgaris
    autoimmune dz. characterized by shallow ulcerations of mucotaneous junctions and oral mucosa
  40. petechia
    pinpoint hemorrhage beneath the skin
  41. seborrheic dermatitis
    chronic, inflammatory dermatitis w/ yellowish, greasy scaling of skin
  42. urticaria
    allergic skin reaction; itching and hives
  43. wart
    virus caused, benign, small, tumor-like epidermal growth
  44. wheal
  45. acute moist dermatitis
    superficial bacterial infection of skin
  46. cellulitis
    iflammation, usually bacteral, involving soft tissue
  47. chiggers
    infestation by mite larvae
  48. cutaneous blowfly myiasis
    maggot infestation
  49. dermatomycosis
    fungal infection; ringworm
  50. dermadicosis
    infestation by demodex mange mites
  51. scabies
    infestation by sarcoptes scabei mange mites
  52. paronychia
    bacterial or viral inflammation of skin around nails or claws
  53. pediculosis
    lice infestation
  54. pyoderma
    any perulent skin dz
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