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  1. passionates
    Public members highly engaged with the politics/government
  2. scorekeepers
    Public members moderately aware and in politics/government
  3. uninvolveds
    • Public members who rarely attend to politics/government, aside from
    • voting
  4. voter turnout
    the percentage of eligible citizens who actually vote
  5. political voice
  6. paradox voting
  7. social capital
    relations building closer ties of trust and civic engagement
  8. political mobilization
    efforts to encourage people to engage in the public sphere
  9. issue advocacy
    Organized effort to advance a proposed public policy change.
  10. cycles of democratic participation
    every 60 years regular surges in public engagement occur
  11. public referedum
    • placing policy issues directly on a state
    • or local ballot.
  12. circle of nonparticipation
    Resistance by political parties to mobilizing disengaged Americans to vote.
  13. digital divide
    The gap between those who do and don’t have access to the internet
  14. din
    The sheer volume and variety of available information are mind-boggling
  15. bandwagon effect
    if many people are doing something, mostly others are likely to do it as well.
  16. libertarian paternalism
    encourages individual choice and public officials decide what behaviors to promote
  17. anchoring
    Behavioral bias leading people to believe only on one piece of information.
  18. Civic voluntarism
    citizens participate in public life without any government incentives
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