Chap 3

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  1. filtration
    • indirect elections
    • people vote for men, men vote for public officials
  2. bicameral
    two houses
  3. bill of rights
    first 10 amendments
  4. classical republicanism
    democratic ideal requiring citizens to participate directly in public affairs, seek the public interest, and defer to natural leaders.
  5. confederation
    alliance of independent states giving some of their powers to a national government
  6. delegate representation
    representatives focus on the voters wishes
  7. federalism
    power divided between national and state government
  8. new jersey plan
    • most government authority¬†with the state governments
    • favored small
  9. Virginia plan
    • Madison's plan
    • favored larger states
    • national government stronger
  10. originalism
    interpretation on the original meeting of those who wrote the constitution
  11. pragmatism
    • the constitution evolves differently with each generation
    • Thomas jefferson
  12. unicameral
    one chamber
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